How To Lose Weight In A Week

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It may sound impossible, but your need is desperate. You simply must shed a few pounds within the next 7 days. Maybe it’s to attend an event, or fit into a dress, or make a special first impression. Whatever.

While we don’t recommend crash diets and sudden weight loss in general, here’s how to lose weight in a week – without taking deadly supplements or drugs, dangerously starving yourself almost to death, or avoiding entire food groups.

How to lose weight fast? Surprisingly enough, the answer is simple (even if not easy!) Make small sacrifices. Follow a plan. Stick with a tested system approved by a nutritionist or fitness specialist. And stay with the plan for the next seven days.

Ready to hear more? Here are 5 simple tips on how to lose weight fast.

Drink Water

What? That’s it? Well, no. But it’s an easy first step to cut down on your calories. Most drinks – alcohol, beer, smoothies or even energy drinks – contain sugar and calories. Each can or small bottle delivers nearly 100 calories along with the liquid… without satisfying your craving for food the same way any other 100 calorie snack would do.

Soda and milkshakes contain sodium and other electrolytes in addition, which cause your body to retain fluid and bloat. Water does the opposite. It encourages your kidneys to flush out any excess – which in turn brings down your weight. (Note: A slice of lemon or sprig of mint can turn plain water into a nice, smooth drink!)

Avoid Bread and Spaghetti

White flour is a little known source of carbohydrate. A sandwich or bowl of pasta can make you bloat up with rolls of fat deposited around your belly. This belly fat is stubborn and won’t go away easily.

So stop eating white bread, noodles, macaroni, spaghetti or rolls. Replace them with whole-grain products or fruits and vegetables for the next week. Taking away the bread turns a sandwich into a salad – which won’t stick with your body.

Cardio Exercises

Working out will burn off fat and use up calories consumed. Cardio exercises that involve large muscle groups like thighs, shoulders and legs burn up more energy for the same amount of time. Kickboxing, jogging and spinning are very effective when you’re trying to lose weight fast.

Alternating short intense bursts of cardio exercise with more sustained activity at a relaxed pace can work best in helping you lose weight in a week.

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Caffeine Boost

Black coffee (or with skim milk) can jump start your body’s metabolism before a workout and force it to use up more calories for the same amount of exercise. You’ll burn fat off faster than if you didn’t load up on java.

This is probably the only instance where a drink other than water can be better in helping you lose weight in a week.

Daily Sex

Learning how to lose weight in a week can be really fun – if you take advantage of the benefits. Like having sex every day of the week… at least for the next seven days.

Here’s a tip. Position matters. If you’re on top, doing all the hard work of grinding and rocking, you burn off more calories and lose fat faster. Half an hour of sex can help you lose 140 calories, while releasing endorphins and hormones that give you a rush and reduce any craving for food.

Sleep Tight

Strange as this might seem, sleeping an extra half an hour every night can help you lose weight fast. And a passionate romp around in bed before you doze off can help.

Six to eight hours of restful sleep will leave you refreshed and energetic. It also reduces sudden cravings for sweets, chocolate or high calorie, carb rich food.

Your body also builds muscle while you snooze. This means your body will become toned and firm, so you’ll be more energetic during workouts – burning off more fat and losing weight.

So now you know how to lose weight in a week. There are other ways like taking anti-gas pills, sucking in your belly, cutting out one favorite food item (rich in carbs) for the week and doing 35 squats or push-ups for the next 7 days. All these ideas for fat loss will work – but temporarily.

A more sustained way to lose weight fast is to follow a system like the one outlined in the “14 Day Fat Loss Plan” which you can learn more about from our Rapid Fat Loss review here.

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