Top 8 Fat Burning Foods

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Fat burning foods can put your metabolism on the fast track! Traditional dieting is boring. It also has only limited effectiveness. You starve yourself almost to death to shed a few pounds – and they seem to reappear magically the moment you get off your diet.

That’s not quite fun.

When you eat foods that burn fat, you’ll discover a whole new world of fat loss that makes the entire process enjoyable. Watching fat melt off your tummy or bum can really make it feel worthwhile, and what’s more, the weight loss is more permanent.

Are there really any fat burning foods? Or are foods that burn fat just a lot of marketing hype?

It might sound like a dream, but there really are certain types of food that boost your metabolic rate and trigger the release of some hormones that burn off fat. These foods that burn fat are a part of your overall healthy diet. Just adding a few fat burning foods to your regular intake of junk food won’t help much in losing weight or getting healthy. You can learn more about this in the ’14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan – check out our review here.

So what are the best fat burning foods you can take to shed those troublesome extra pounds?


Broccoli talks to your fat cells – and makes them turn heel and run away! Sulforaphane, a nutrient in broccoli, mimics the natural enzyme in your body which instructs cells to burn fat. Let it negotiate on your behalf with belly fat!

You could saute broccoli or mix it with sausage and salad.


While avocados are rich in fat, it’s the good sort of monounsaturated fat that actually helps cells listen better to fat burning foods and hormones. By acting as an anti-oxidant and guarding against free radical damage, it further boosts cell metabolism.

Avocado is an essential ingredient of the delicious guacomole, mixed with tomatoes and sea salt, or as a standalone smoothie.


Almonds and nuts, eaten with their skin intact, can build up muscle, lower craving for fatty foods and boost cell metabolic rate resulting in burning off more calories.

Snack on a handful of Brazil nuts, sprinkle them on fruit salad, or soak them in milk spiced with vanilla for a healthy, tasty meal.

Chia Seeds

One of the best fat burning foods is the omega-3 rich chia seed. They suppress appetite and release glucagon, a fat burning hormone. Soak chia seeds for 15 minutes and cook them just like oat meal.

Topped off with almonds or blended with coconut meal, chia seeds are a yummy energy snack.


Wild salmon taken regularly will be a great fat burning food. Insulin sensitivity is enhanced, leading to troublesome belly fat melting away. Thyroid hormone release is stimulated by wild salmon, raising cell activity levels and consuming more calories.

Poached wild salmon or smoked with dill and mustard are popular favorites.

Coconut Oil

Rich in MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which are energy sources for the body, coconut oil enhances fat burning without putting on weight. Abdominal fat loss is even better than cooking with olive oil. With a higher boiling point, coconut oil can be used for frying and cooking while olive oil is better for seasoning.


A spice that flavors a range of different food, cinnamon works by moving glucose into cells faster through a boost in insulin action. A quarter teaspoonful of cinnamon can help burn fat and lose weight.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on your smoothies or milkshake, puddings or porridge, and enjoy the benefits of this powerful fat burning food.


By jolting you with extra adrenaline and perking up your day, coffee tells fat cells to get burning. Drink coffee 15 minutes before a workout to train better and gain maximum benefit from the accelerated calorie usage during exercise.

Black and caffeinated coffee is best, because milk interferes with the fat burning effect of coffee. But too much coffee can be bad as it interferes with insulin production.

All these fat burning foods will start melting away belly fat the very moment they enter your body. Not only do they help you lose weight, foods that burn fat often also build muscle and use up extra calories, preventing them from being deposited as extra fat.

There are some other fat burning foods like grapefruit, green tea, spinach, whole grains, brown rice, beans and whey which are just as effective as the others listed here. When you get “14 Day Fat Loss Plan“, you’ll also receive a collection of recipes with fat burning foods as ingredients.

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