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4 Ideas About How To Gain Weight

With a glut of weight loss products and programs on the market, it might seem that it should be easy to gain weight. But it’s when you set out to actually bulk up with muscle that you begin to realize how hard it can be. So how to gain weight in a reliable and sustainable fashion?

Here are 4 simple secrets that will enhance your chances of putting on muscle mass.

Monitor Your Progress

Get into the habit of measuring your progress. Keep records in a log book or chart. Make note of your workout sessions and calorie intake as well as your weight and triceps or biceps dimensions. Every month or so, review your records to see how much progress you’re making. Drawing a chart from the data can give a visual representation that serves both to inspire adherence to your regimen as well as a quick review of how your efforts are doing.

If you don’t hit the targets you set for yourself, then you should take the time to analyze the reasons for not reaching them. Maybe the goals you’ve set are too high. By revising them slightly, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of reaching your milestones on time, which in turn will keep you motivated to continue trying to gain weight.

Get Motivated

A program to put on weight and bulk up on muscle is not easy or effortless. It takes time and you need discipline and consistency to make it work. Every day will be different. Some days are easy because you’re energized to workout and stick to your diet. But there will be days when you’re less motivated and excited about what you do.

The key to regain motivation is to just begin. Go to the gym and start your workout routine. Within a few minutes, you’ll find your excitement revived. Or if you run for exercise, just start jogging. In a bit, you’ll get into the flow and things get easier. Remember your goal is to gain weight. While there are periods when your enthusiasm might flag, if you work at it you can sustain the energy for long enough.

Take Breaks

Boredom and routine are your biggest enemies while you are on your quest for how to lose weight. Muscles grow and develop during rest periods. So it is important to rotate periods of intense exercise and workouts with adequate breaks when you take rest.

By rotating your exercise routine to focus on upper body and lower body workouts on alternate days, you will naturally give muscles a break to restore their energy reserves and grow bigger or stronger. When you’re eager to gain weight and bulk muscle, it can be difficult to take a day off. But when you understand that by resting for a day, you will actually get closer to your goals faster, it will make more sense to take a day off from time to time.

Enjoy Your Exercises

You’re sure you know how to gain weight, but can’t seem to actually get around to doing it. The reason might be that you are afraid or reluctant to go through the process – because it’s not fun. If you hate going to the gym, you’ll find excuses to avoid it. If you don’t like lifting weights, you’ll figure out a way to not do it. And this means your results will suffer.

It’s better to find something in your workout routine that is fun and enjoyable. Those exercises will help you stick with the ones you don’t really enjoy. The best workouts are the ones that leave you feeling so fresh and energetic, and that produce the quickest and most visible results that you’ll be motivated to do them over and over for a long period.

These tips are not specifically about gaining weight and muscle mass. They are more general advise that is applicable to just about any kind of bodybuilding. There are more specific points you can glean from muscle gaining courses and programs that will layer onto these 4 secrets – and help you achieve the ideal body of your dreams.

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