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How To Lose Thigh Fat – The Easy Way


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How to lose thigh fat? The answers vary depending upon who you ask. Some will list out 25 things to do – and might take 3 or 4 hours daily to carry out. Others will promise that you’ll lose thigh fat in just 2 minutes a day.

What really works?

A commonsense plan rooted in facts and science. We’ll talk about how to lose thigh fat by following a 5 step program… that will take you a modest half hour or so to follow. Ready?

To slim thighs, get back your thigh gap, and tone up leg muscles, you need a comprehensive plan that focuses on eating right, exercise and mind control. First, evaluate the kind of thighs you have now. Straighten your leg and tighten your thighs. Try to pinch the skin of your thigh.

Is there a lot to grab hold of? If there is, that’s probably fat that you can melt off easily. If there isn’t much to pinch, your thighs are muscular and you’ll need a slightly modified plan to thin them.

Eating Right To Lose Thigh Fat

how to lose thigh fat

1. Don’t starve yourself.

Your body’s response to suddenly reduced food intake is to assume you’re under stressful circumstances – and it begins to lock down on metabolism to STORE more fat! You’ll actually put on weight around your thighs and tummy. Instead, eat healthier and more nutritious food than snacks and greasy stuff.

2. Eat dinner sooner.

Don’t dine late at night. Try and eat before 8 p.m. and go to bed a couple of hours later. The regular activities you perform between eating and sleeping will burn off some of the calories that will otherwise get stored around your thighs and belly.

3. Cut down by 250 to 500 calories.

Just quitting soda or sugary drinks can achieve this goal, which will reduce your calorie intake by 1750 to 3000 per week – which will shed 0.5 to 1 pound of surplus fat, most of it around your thighs.

4. Eat regular, small meals.

Frequent meals keep you energetic all day long and prevent overeating at any single meal. Have a healthy snack like a fruit or salad with you. Avoid processed foods and fat-rich stuff.

Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat

Kelsey Lee teaches a way to get thinner thighs with just a 10 minute workout. It includes exercises for quads and hamstrings which will melt away fat around your thighs – fast.

If this type of intense exercise routine isn’t to your liking, you can take it easy and still enjoy good results.

1. Go swimming.

By exercising large muscle groups, swimming burns off more calories than walking or other modest exercise. Holding your hands by your side and using your legs to propel you can strengthen thigh muscles while burning off thigh fat.

2. Do squats.

Power squats carrying barbells aren’t always needed. Just keep your feet apart and bend your knees till your butt is level with your knees, thighs straight and forming a right angle with your body. Repeat this until you feel your thighs burning. Gradually increase the number of squats you can do comfortably.

3. Try leg kicks.

Stand behind a chair and lift your leg up as far as you can to the side. Then lower it, and repeat 24 times on each side. Do the same while kicking forwards and backwards. Do this thigh exercise 3 times every week.

4. Be more active.

Brisk regular day to day activity itself will burn off calories and keep your muscles toned and strong. Take the stairs instead of a lift. Walk to places or bicycle instead of taking the car.

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Now you know how to lose thigh fat. It isn’t difficult or complex. But it does take a bit of discipline and committment to stick to your plan. That’s where mental control and strength come into the picture.

Imagine yourself with thinner thighs and a healthier body. Work to make that mental picture come true. Be positive and hang out with others like you who are working to lose weight and gain strength. Healthy living is a lifestyle. By developing healthy habits, you will not only lose thigh fat, you will also keep it off and stay healthier for years to come.

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