Little Known Weight Gain Secrets

Weight gain often translates to fat loss. That’s a paradox. Some people are definitely looking to gain weight, but they are not interested in adding on flab and fat. What they want is more muscle, firm and toned flesh that adds to aesthetic appeal and looks.

So here are some simple tips to follow as you try to gain weight. None of them is a formula for success. Think of these tidbits as pieces of advice that you may follow with great advantage along the journey of adding more bulk to your muscles.

Be Strict

Training is hard work. It takes focus and discipline. If you’re aiming for weight gain and want it to be firm muscle, then you’re better off working with a coach or trainer. This is because you’ll have a person watching to see that you don’t cry off from training or drop your exercise routine because you’re tired, bored or lack motivation.

Sure, you don’t feel like doing these workouts day after day. But without persistence and discipline, you surely aren’t going to enjoy the fruits of your exercise. That’s why you must be strict with yourself, especially if you’re working out all on your own. You’ll play the dual roles of both student and mentor, forcing yourself to go through the routines regardless of whether you want to or not.

Remember, you make a promise to yourself. It’s up to you to honor that commitment and see it through.

Speed Up Fat Loss

Many people undergo cardio training to lose fat and gain weight. What is not popular knowledge is that running on uneven ground can increase the rate at which you’ll lose fat. That’s why running outdoors is the best form of exercise. Cross country or running across uneven ground is better than even using a treadmill or race track in a college or school ground.

Some advanced treadmills come with settings that mimic the uphill or up and down trudge that occurs in nature. When you program these level changes into your routine, you’ll burn off more calories and lose fat faster. This is because your body’s metabolism and internal organs are forced to adjust frequently to the changing demand placed on them due to exercise.

Fat Must Come Off Before You’ll Add Muscle

Fat cannot be miraculously transformed into muscle just as lead cannot become gold, regardless of how hard alchemists try to achieve that goal. Fat cells are essentially different from muscle cells. The weight gain secret that every bodybuilding coach knows is that fat must come off first. Only then can your nutrition and exercise routine combine to build up muscle.

With serious cardio training, your body will burn off fat. Then, your weight lifting schedule helps stimulate your muscles to grow stronger and bigger. Your workouts are altering your body’s composition. It helps your system get rid of fat and replace it with healthy muscle. Combining exercise programs that teach both fat burning and muscle gaining secrets is your ideal solution to weight gain.

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