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5 Quick Ways To Improve Wellness

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Improve Wellness

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Improving wellness doesn’t need costly or weighty lifestyle changes. Just simple things that are free and easy can make a significant impact on your wellness.

Here are 5 quick ways to improve wellness. You can start on them right away.

1. Sleep Well

Sleep is a critical requirement for health and wellness. It’s nature’s way to help your body and mind rest, relax and restore itself for another day’s toil. Sleep helps produce hormones, enhances your mood and replenishes energy stores that were used up during your day.

Make a commitment to getting at least 6 hours of restful sleep every night. There are ways to enhance sleep or cure insomnia. Most of the times, the solutions are relatively simple.

2. Drink Enough Water

Surprising as it might seem, a good 60% of any population does not drink adequate water to meet the body’s metabolic needs. Water is essential for wellness, being used in all bodily functions – digestion, thinking, eliminating toxins and more.

You don’t have to drink expensive bottled water. Plain tap water or boiled, filtered water will do. Drink water whenever you are thirsty. If you drink alcohol, coffee or soda, make sure you compensate by drinking an equal amount of water – in addition to your regular daily intake.

3. Avoid Stress

Easily said, but hard to follow… especially in modern life. Yet stress is more harmful and destructive to wellness than anything else. Remembering not to sweat the small stuff can keep you centered and calm.

Prayer and meditation are very helpful. Taking “you time” out of your crowded schedule to develop a body-mind connection is also useful. If any specific factor is causing stress, address it directly.

5 Ways To Improve Wellness

4. Move

“Exercise” sounds forbidding and scary. Just keep moving for wellness. Don’t sit in one place for too long. Avoid being a couch potato. Get on your feet – and stay there. It’s easier to move around if you’re already standing, and easier to keep going once you’re on the move.

Walk, jog or cycle around your neighborhood. Amble around your apartment. Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. Visit the swimming pool. Go shopping at the mall, if you must – just to clock those extra miles as you stride from window to window.

5. Volunteer

Being involved in a cause close to your heart is excellent for emotional and spiritual wellness. You can involve family and friends, making it a social activity as well.

By benefiting others in the community, working with purpose and making a difference to people’s lives, you’re boosting your own wellness quotient. Look for volunteer opportunities at food banks, nursing homes, animal shelters or other non-profit ventures.

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