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Weight Training For Better Muscle And Fitness

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Weight training is fantastic because it can tone your muscles, enhance your looks and beat muscle loss due to aging.

If you’ve watched someone doing weight training at the gym, you’ll notice the effect it has on their body.  Toned muscles.  Sculpted figure.  Bulging muscles.  An overall healthy physique.  All are the consequence of hard work and weight training.

You’d love to have those results, too.  But the big question is – do you have the time for it?

Weight Training Basics

What exactly is weight training?  It’s the use of weights as resistance against muscle contraction, which stresses the muscles and stimulates them to grow bigger and stronger.  In a sense, this is similar to the effect of aerobic exercise on the heart.

Weight training can be done in many different ways.  You can use free weights (barbells, dumbbells) or weight machines.  A 90 minute session every day will soon show dramatic results.  Shorter weight training sessions are alright too, and more practical for people who work.

A couple of half hour training sessions every week will soon provide convincing proof of the effectiveness of weight training.  Coupled with modest aerobic exercise, this can have transformational impact on your health and fitness.

Weight Training Technique

This introduction can barely scratch the surface of a complex issue like weight training technique.  An excellent guide that gets into details is Jason Ferruggia’s course, “Muscle Gaining Secrets” (see this Muscle Gaining Secrets review).

When done properly, weight training can be extremely beneficial.  If you don’t learn the right way to do it, however, you may suffer injuries like strains, sprains and fractures.

  • Learn the correct technique.  In the beginning, get the help of a trainer or coach with learning the right technique.
  • Do only one set of reps.  Many different theories of muscle building compete against each other.  But a set of 12 reps with the right weight works wonders.
  • Work with weights of the right size.  If you feel tired after 12 to 15 reps, then the weight you’re lifting is about right.
  • Begin gradually and warm up before shifting to top gear.  You may not manage loads heavier than a few pounds.  But stick with it – and you’ll be surprised.
  • Take adequate rest breaks.  Muscles need time to recover.  Working each muscle group no more than 2 to 3 times every week.  This helps build muscle quickly.

Weight Training Rewards

Muscle mass decreases as you grow older, thanks to various factors including hormone supplements and changing food habits.  Weight training can reverse this process at any age.  This means your muscle mass will increase, and you can tirelessly work for longer hours.

Key Precautions With Weight Training

Before beginning your exercise routines, take note of some important information.

1. Warm up before you exercise.  As muscles become supple and flex easily, you’ll enjoy many advantages.

2. Lift and put down weights gradually.  It is not effective to use upward momentum to do your work.

3. Breathe deeply and ensure that you’re not holding your breath.

4. Stand up straight.  Watch your posture and involve your abs.

How To Begin Weight Training?

Many exercises can help build muscle.  The key, however, lies in how many sets to do, and for how many repetitions.  For muscle gain, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that you do 8 to 12 reps for building muscle.   Taking short rest breaks in between reps makes it possible to finish compete routines.

You don’t necessarily have to exercise in a gym.  But if you do, take advantage of the various types of machines and free weights designed to make you muscular and fit.  Exercise equipment in now available in most homes, yet often inadequately used by family members.

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