Top 10 Superfoods

Powerful Superfoods : How To Eat For Health, Weight Loss & Maximum Energy

You are what you eat. And this is specially true of superfoods.

It’s only when you pause to really think about this statement that you see how impressive is the ability of food to affect every cell and system in your body. Each time you eat, you’re choosing how your body, mind and spirit will be affected by what you put in your mouth.

Your food choices can leave you feeling frazzled and tired, or keep you energized, active and vibrant. What you eat makes you calm and clear, or slim and glowing.

What gets into your body has an impact over your health and vitality. It’s great news that superfoods can influence your health so dramatically. This means you can direct the power of superfoods to heal and safeguard your body. Superfoods are almost magical in this effect.

Superfoods Magic

It’s quick and easy to upgrade your diet by including superfoods in them. Superfoods are extremely nutrient-rich. Mainly, superfoods are whole, unprocessed plant foods packed with a range of different health-promoting compounds.

Superfoods contain remarkable levels of minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory fats, easily digestible protein, and heart-healthy fiber. In addition, some superfoods have phytochemicals and cell-sparing anti-oxidants that minimize the damaging effects of free radicals.

What are the popular superfoods? From blueberries and kale to acai and avocado, superfoods and the beneficial compounds in them slow down aging, prevent chronic disease, boost energy, fight inflammation, enhance your mood and do much more.

Superfoods 101

Superfood Diets

There are more than fifty superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, chlorella, spirulina, quinoa and others. The best superfoods are ‘cream of the crop’ with plenty of benefits. Even if they aren’t magical cures for what ails you, a well planned collection of superfood recipes can create significant changes to your well being and health.

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