3 Advantages From A Pilates Workout

If you’re trying to decide between a pilates and another piece of exercise workout, consider the advantages an elliptical provides. What’s so special about a pilates workout? Here are 3 unique advantages of using pilates to workout:

#1) Forward & Back Motions Provide Better Workout Results

Almost all pilates offer both forward and back motion (also called dual action motion). This allows you to work different sets of muscle groups in your legs (hamstrings vs quads) which adds up to more calories burned, more muscles toned and an overall better body workout.

You can’t walk backwards on a treadmill (ok, you can but that might be difficult. And pedaling backwards on a bike might not be so helpful. The dual action ability of your pilates helps you work more muscles. Plus you have the potential to burn more calories

#2) You Get A Lower Impact Workout

A properly designed pilates mimics your body’s natural stride – the way your foot moves when walking, running, or jogging. You stand upright striding in a forward or reverse motion.

Because of this, impact is basically eliminated and there is much less overall stress on your knees, hips and back, joints and back. (Just make sure you do only a properly designed pilates routine.)

Because of the lower impact of an elliptical workout, the elliptical machine is becoming very popular with the older population or those who are more easily prone to sports injury.

#3) Upper Body Arm Bars Help You Burn More Calories & Get A Superior Overall Body Workout

Many pilates can compare with moveable upper body arm bars exercises. By working both legs and arms, your heart rate elevates more quickly which encourages your body to burn calories faster and more efficiently.

It also results in a lower perceived rate of exertion (basically you don’t feel like you worked as hard as you really did). This may mean that you end up burning more calories, even without feeling like you did much of a workout.

By offering upper body arms, a pilates workout also helps you tone your arms, shoulders and back for better definition.

Any pilates workout has many advantages over other exercise machines. It gives you an overall body workout that burns extra calories and gives you an extra efficient workout. Just make sure you choose one that meets your needs and is properly designed for maximum comfort.