Fitness Connection And Treadmill Repairs

Does your treadmill have a problem and does that impact your fitness connection?  If it does, then you’re in the right place.

So, let’s see.

  • You own a treadmill.
  • You are having problems with your treadmill.
  • You want to prevent problems before they happen.

Then you need the treadmill fitness connection report.  Treadmills act like vacuum cleaners and seem to attract dust and dirt. This being the case, they need regular cleaning. If not properly maintained, it will affect your fitness connection.

We have found that:

  • Most motors overload and burn up because they are either full of dust and dirt, or the deck and belt are worn so much that they cause the motor to draw excessive power.
  • Many belts have to be replaced because they have been out of alignment for so long that they have split or the edges have curled and are rubbing on the covers.
  • Many people risk being hurt every year because their treadmill will suddenly jump from 2 or 3 mph to 8 or 9 mph, or sometimes just stop, all because of dirty speed sensors.

If your fitness connection suffers because you are having these problems, fear not – there is help! The treadmill fitness connection report is a must for every treadmill owner. It will help you diagnose and solve most of your problems as well as prevent future problems.

Included in this fitness connection report are directions for performing preventive maintenance on your treadmill and repair procedures for some of the most common problems.  Follow these directions for safe and efficient use of your treadmill for you and your family.