Designer Eyeglasses – Where To Find The Best Deals

GlassesUSA is the leading online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and designer eyeglasses. If you’re looking for designer eyeglasses or simply need to replace or get an extra pair of prescription lenses, this is one of the best options for purchasing affordable and high quality eye-wear.

How to find the right glasses for you?

Before you launch yourself into the catalog pages available on to find the style you want, take a moment to discover what you like in a frame to fit them comfortably to your face.

Depending on the shape of your face, different designer eyeglasses will work better than others. Some basic guidelines for selecting eyeglasses to match face shapes are below:

  • Oval shaped face – This type of face can carry off any style of glasses.
  • Round face – Stay with square or rectangular shaped frames.
  • Heart shaped face – Look for frames that are slightly wider at the bottom to balance the contour of your face.
  • Squarish face – Look for narrow frames with an oval or long shape.

Once you know what basic shape of frames to look for, you can start thinking about how you usually treat your glasses. If you live a very active lifestyle, and your glasses take a lot of abuse, you may want to stay with spring loaded hinges and wider metal or plastic frames. If you have a gentler lifestyle, consider wireless or “frameless” glasses. You can have the best of both worlds by having both a “good” pair of glasses, and a knock around set too for rougher use.

Choosing glasses to fit your style

On GlassesUSA you are sure to find designer eyeglasses that fit your style. There are classic and traditional styles, like rimless spectacles that look like they are antiques, to the latest modern frames with bold lines. You want to make sure that you choose a style that you are comfortable with wearing. Think about whether your glasses are a part of your fashion statement and identity, or a more subtle part of your functionality. For many people, glasses have replaced watches as the accessory of choice.

Make sure you have as many pairs as you need

As mentioned earlier, having more than one pair of designer eyeglasses can be a good idea. You can have your dress or business pair, and then the casual pair. There are also many choices in frames that now offer changeable arms, nose bars and even colored hinge screws to allow you to change your look in an instant.

Even if changing your glasses for different activities isn’t your style, you would do well to make sure you order an extra pair. That’s just in case your main pair gets misplaced. You don’t ever want to be without your glasses. If you also have very different prescriptions for driving and reading, it can be more comfortable to have dedicated glasses for each purpose as well.

The company strives to guarantee the highest quality optical products at prices that are very affordable, and your order will arrive at your doorstep anywhere around the world. In their goal to dominate the market for designer eyeglasses, Glasses USA have partnered with the best laboratories in the industry, which ensures price competitiveness and lower rates for consumers.

GlassesUSA offers more than just designer glasses at great prices – they aim to provide you with the most choice in the best styles, fashions and deals on designer eyeglasses.

More than discount glasses

GlassesUSA is more than just a discount glasses site. You can check out the latest 75% Clearance sales, find coupons for discounts on new frames, or take advantage of any of special discount promotion links. No matter which model you choose, you will be presented with a wide range from among some of the best and most stylish designer eyeglasses around. have a special ‘Collections’ section that will let you see what some of the world’s top designers are putting out, and get them at the best price possible. The reason why the company can do this because they go all out to negotiate special deals for you, and then pass the savings on to you. No matter what type of designer glasses or prescription glasses you need, you will find the best for less at GlassesUSA.

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What types of glasses can you get at GlassesUSA?

You can get more than just designer eyeglasses at GlassesUSA. The company’s labs can handle all kinds of prescription glasses, making you any type of lenses that you may need, and even the ones that are just for your eye comfort too.

You can order from a range of options, including:

RX Glasses – Fax your prescription and will make and fit your lenses to the frame you want. Qualified technicians will handle prisms, grids, bi-focals and more with a state of the art eye lab. If you need help finding out which frames can fit your finished lenses, you can speak to a friendly and professional customer service agent for information on which frames will be right for you. They also offer special thin-line lenses and protective coatings for most prescription lenses manufactured.

Multi-Focal – If you need multi focal lenses, that’s no problem at all. Many of the new styles of bifocal lenses can be made with the “invisible lens” solution so no one will even be aware that you are wearing them. Stop switching between glasses and trying to keep track of multiple pairs by seeing if you can combine your distance and reading glasses into one lens. If you have any questions about whether or not it can be done with the frames you want, talk to an assistant and they will help you select the best combination to get the look – and the vision you want.

Transition – can also make your lenses into a transition lens to help protect your vision outside and inside. Transition lenses remove the need for special sunglasses and allow you to transition from daylight to indoor lighting easily. They are clear enough that you can wear them comfortably at night without any loss of visual clarity too.

This is a great way to simplify your life. If you have been wearing bulky box over glasses to try and protect your eyes from the sun and still wear your prescription glasses – you can get rid of that outdated look with new transition lenses. We can also do transitions to specially graded lenses should you need additional filter protection for your eyes.

Designer eyeglasses – At GlassesUSA, the customer-friendly agents know that glasses begin and end with your fashion sense and style. A wide selection of frames and options for lenses will help you find the designer glasses you want, even if you don’t need prescription wear. Instead of spending money on cheap sunglasses, get a pair made for you inexpensively at Glasses USA, using the frames you want. Our quality handmade photo-sensitive lenses can help protect your vision longer too.

The 110% Best Price Guarantee

GlassesUSA knows they offer the best prices on the best frames on the Internet and they back it up with their unique 110% best price guarantee. Should you find the same designer eyeglasses anywhere else for a better price, GlassesUSA will match that price, and then give you an additional 10% off!

It’s clear that the company is about more than just making more money. They want to earn your loyalty and if you beat their low price, you deserve the extra discount. It is a part of the process that makes it possible to ensure their prices are always the best.

The 365-day Glasses USA Warranty

The other thing that you will love about Glasses USA is that all of designer eyeglasses are backed with a 365-day warranty. If your glasses break within 14 days of receiving them, you’ll get a replacement for free. If they fail or break after that 14 days is up, and for the 365 days following the 14th day – they will give you a 50% off coupon on any frame to help replace them. This warranty applies even on the 379th day that you are wearing your frames; if they fail you get the warranty coupon for ½ off your next pair.

Get 50% off on your first pair

If you have never shopped at GlassesUSA before, you are in for an even better deal. An interesting incentive offer allows you to get 50% off your first pair of designer eyeglasses that your order with us.

When you go to the site just enter in your email address in the pop up window to receive your discount coupon code. You can apply the code whenever you make your first purchase.

GlassesUSA helps you see the world better

As any Glasses USA review will confirm, you will be certain to find the designer eyeglasses you want at the price you can afford comfortably. The business is built around the principle that good customers are made from great service. You can find the latest styles of designer glasses for men and women for any shape face and lifestyle you need. They will fill your prescription and create your lenses quickly so you will have your new glasses as soon as possible.

All customers enjoy a 365 Day Warranty, and there are always additional discounts and specials being run throughout the year. It is always a good idea to check back and see what is in the clearance listing catalog too. That can be one the most affordable ways to add more choices in frames to your life so you have a pair of glasses that suits every occasion.

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