24Hr Fitness – Are Elliptical Trainers Better Than Treadmills?

They are many reasons why people prefer to workout for 24hr fitness on an elliptical trainer than they would on a treadmill.

Along with keeping the body in shape and toning up the muscles, elliptical 24hr fitness workouts are low impact cardio vascular sessions. This means that they go easy on the joints of the legs and the knees. This can be specially helpful for those who are in the sixties and seventies, or those who have a had a leg or a knee injury.

Elliptical trainers for 24hr fitness also provide a variety of resistance levels, incline levels and programs for the beginner as well as the advanced.

On the contrary, when you use treadmills and fitness rowers for your 24hr fitness routines, understand that they are high impact cardio vascular machines. This means that they put pressure on the knees as well as on the lower part of the legs.

This kind of 24hr fitness workout is not recommended for those with knee and foot injuries as well as older people.

Ellipticals are a very safe machine to use, unlike a treadmill where you might fall off if the speed is increased suddenly. Thus it provides a complete workout and the more expensive elliptical exercise trainer comes with many additional features which make it ideal for 24hr fitness training. The more expensive versions of the elliptical trainers are meant for gym use and those who are into advanced stages of exercising.

It’s important to ask the advice of the doctor before starting any exercise, especially if you have any medical conditions which may impact your quest for 24hr fitness. Ensure that before you are ready to join a gym or even climb on an elliptical exercise trainer, your health and safety needs are covered.

Before you begin to use any exercise equipment for 24hr fitness, ask a personal trainer or the gym instructor to show you how to use the elliptical trainers and this will help you better in the workout. During your workout, you can change the incline and the program levels by using the control panel. Ensure that all electrical and mechanical fittings are in place to save you from injury.