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Facts About Shingle Roofing Prices

Shingle roofing prices and their installation are the biggest expenses for homeowners. The cost of replacing roof can start as low as $2500 dollars and go up to $10000 dollars or more. The area of the roof is a major factor which will determine how much you will spend on your renovation or replacement project. Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material as it is most affordable and offers a decent run of around 15-30 years. The shingles are either single layer or multiple layered products which are nothing but asphalt embedded in fiberglass layers. Over these a coating of granules of either minerals or slate is applied to finish the look.

Self-installation of asphalt roofing will slash your shingle roofing prices  by around half. For example for a simple one story home with 1800 square foot area the cost of laying a new roof will be around $800 to $4000. The cheapest of shingles are 3-tab shingles. Bl ut, don’t base your decision to reroof only the price of cheapest shingles as these have very short life-span. In a few short years you will replacing them and the cost of replacing them will much higher than if your decided to go for better quality shingles in the first place.

Not only that the cost to the environment is also higher. The task of removing old shingles costs money, the cost of transporting it over long distances to designated landfill sites is also expensive and so is the cost of disposing at the landfill site. On top of is the environmental cost as these shingles will be occupying valuable land space.

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Sheet Metal Roofing Prices – Why Sheet Metal Roofing?

You will notice that sheet metal roofing prices are quoted on square. A square is nothing but 100 square feet of roofing area. This is a roofing term. Sheet metal roofs are molded from flat sheets and then formed into the required shapens like panels. These sheets are not the only products, other accesories are also manufactured along with the sheets to give roofs a totally professional look. The final products are then given a finish which enhances the look and feel of your home.

Sheet metal molding can be done either in the factories professionally and with degree of uniformity or can be done on the job site using special equipment. There are draw backs to doing this kind of sheet panels onsite of the job as there are limitations to what can be done and number of finishes that can be applied are also severely restricted. Also, the warranty applicable is also very limited in such cases.

Getting a factory finished products is worth even if the sheet metal roofing prices are higher as you get better choice of finished products and colors. The quality of the product is uniform and predictable. The warranties applicable are of longer duration and will be backed by the manufacturers guarantees on products and finishes. Factory bought sheet metal will weigh about pound for every square foot. It is of uniform thickness. The metals available as roofing material include steel, copper and aluminum and their alloys. As the panel sizes of of sheet metal roofing are huge they are suitable for large buildings.

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Roofing Tin Prices – How To Restore Old Tin Roofs

Roofing tin prices for new roofs can be very high. It is commonly sought after information by homeowners who are looking to replace the roofs over their home, barns, sheds or farm buildings. Not many know that old tin roofs can be salvaged. Tin roofs are making a come back and restoring old tin roofs is much more cost-effective than buying a new roof. Contractors with special training in tin roofs are willing to do this for a fee.

If you look at simplest of tin roof restoration jobs you will notice that the prices are same as getting an asphalt roof. But, there are many advantages tin roofs that are lacking in asphalt. A new tin roof will cost you around $17 dollar per square foot. Old roofs can be restored for half the price for complete overhaul. If all it needs is layer of paint then the cost is much lower and starts at around $4.50 per square feet.

If you don’t know whether your old roof needs to be replaced or can be salvaged there is a simple test. If you can stand on your tin roof then it is candidate for restoration. Considering that brand new roofing tin prices are sky-high restoration looks very attractive indeed. If old tins roofs that have seen much abuse like tar being poured over them, or asphalt roofs installed over them or even badly done paint jobs can be repaired and restored to their former glory with modern materials and techniques.

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Metal Roofing Prices – Brief Overview

Homeowners who refused metal cited the high metal roofing prices as the reason for their refusal to use it for their homes. The more realistic reason is that they were not too thrilled to be using a roofing that usually adorns fall buildings, barns, garages and sheds in the past. Assaulted by such childhood images of roofs peppered with holes that generously let in sunlight and rainwater in equal measure. But, people miss the point entirely as metal roofs have gone through a drastic makeover. No, longer are they the poor cousins in the roofing industry with one only choice in color and design.

Today, modern metal roofs are elegance personified. They are sound-proof and affordable too as they are a long lasting roof giving years of trouble free life. They come in designs that imitate wood, slate or cedar shake shingles. Asphalt roofs may be cheaper but comparing against metal roofing prices is not at all valid. Metal roofs last several decades longer than asphalt. While asphalt roofs need frequent changes over the the lifetime of the homeowner, metal roof might be the only roof they will ever install. So, even if you pay high prices initially over its long time the cost will surely work out much cheaper.

People also tend to associated metal roofing prices with that of the most expensive roofing like copper. There are range of more affordable metal roofs available like steel an zinc alloys. Copper is truly expensive but it’s life-span is around 150 years.

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Corrugated Metal Roofing Prices – Learn A Little About The Cost And Material

Faced with corrugated metal roofing prices that were high people naturally gravitated to cheaper alternatives like asphalt roofing which is by far the cheapest roofing option for homeowners in America. Metal and Slate were considered high end roofing suitable only for those with deep pockets. Installation is also a specialized skill that can be done only by trained professionals. The cost of installation is another major expense that homeowners would prefer to do without. But, recently there is a gradual shift back towards corrugated metal roofing. The reason is clear. It is very effective against rain and snow. It is tough roof that is suitable for a variety of applications including as roofing of choice for factories and farm buildings.

Cold states towards the north like Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin find metal roofing highly effective. To get the best deals on corrugated metal roofing prices it is better to look for dealers offering discounts. Get multiple quotes both for material costs and also installation costs. Go through the quotes to know what is included and what is not.

One way to justify the cost of corrugated metal roofing prices is set it off against the energy savings. The roof is energy efficient and keeps the home comfortable in different weather situations. Also, these sheets are coated with radiant coating on top which reflects the rays of the sun away from the house. Lower energy usage means lower energy bills for the homeowner. It is also a green roof as it is made of recyclable materials and metal in it can be reused again and again.

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Roofing Prices – Get The Quote

Roofing prices will differ based on several factors. You can not give an exact estimate of the cost of your roofing but you can do a fair assessment of the cost which is what most homeowners need in order to plan for this major project related to their home. They will need this number in order to plan a budget for it. Homeowners do not want to in a position where they pick a roof and find that they can’t afford it.

It is also not possible to estimate the roofing prices for your home based on what you friend or a neighbor paid for their roof. There are so many factors that make estimating using such parameters difficult. First off, the material choice makes a big difference in price, second the slope of the roof, a steep roof costs much more than a moderate or low roof. The location of the house, the height at which the roof is located all make a big difference to prices.

Your roof might be a simple, straightforward roof with not many features on it. Your neighbor’s roof might be ornate with lots of skylights and dormer windows making it much more expensive to roof than yours. The problem with all these features is that they take more time and effort to roof, second the material needed is more and also, the wastage is higher as the areas around these projections need to be properly sealed and the shingles will be cut to fit to size.

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Roofing Shingle Prices – Get Your Facts Right

Do you know the roofing shingle prices in your area? If you are unaware of this important point before you embark on roofing your home, then you can be cheated. The roofing industry for most parts is good but there are some black sheep who will take the unsuspecting homeowner for a ride. Learn all about the pricing in this industry and save yourself from getting cheated.

Learning about roofing shingle prices will help you get the right information and also make sure that you get the best deals on the product. Two major factors affect roofing prices. One is the cost of materials and the other is cost of labor.

Most roofing options are easy to check out and find the prices for. Roofers who work in an area and take up roofing jobs professionally usually use similar products that suit the geographic area. So, it should be pretty simple to compare two quotes given by different contractors. You can even ensure that you get quality job done by asking for quotes from big roofing shingles makers like GAF and CertainTeed. The contractors certified by these companies are efficient and provide quality work for the money paid.

Manufacturers want you to buy all the accessories and other services offered by them along with their architectural shingles. They throw in attractive terms for guarantee to tempt you. But, if you read their pre-conditions you will notice that the pre-conditions specify that you have to order all the different roofing components like ridge cap, starter shingles, air vents and such from them to qualify for their warranty. There are companies that say you have to order at least 3 of their roofing components along with the roofing shingles for the warranty to apply. Roofing shingle prices don’t matter here as you are forced to buy a lot more than you planned for.

For a roofing job you will need ice and water shields which help prevent the formation of ice dams. This have to place in each valley and also at the lower edges of the roof. This prevents ice to dam up near the edges and the water leaks to happen as the ice melts. The components needed along with these are drip edges, vent pipe flanges and step flashing.

The roofing shingle prices will range from one hundred and thirty five dollars to one hundred and seventy five dollars per square. A square is equal to 100 square feet. This amount will vary depending on where you live. Other factors affecting the price include quality of shingles, its thickness, type and design. The thicker shingles are of better quality.

If you have look at the cost of labor for installing shingles, there is more room to negotiate. Installation is tough and involves lots of hard work. It is not a high-profile job. The job is dangerous unless undertaken with sufficient safe guards. The rates offered by most professional roofing contractors will be quite similar. You will get lower prices if the contractor happens to be new to the job or does not have required certifications and licenses. Many immigrant workers and others offer lower rates. It depends on you whether you trust them enough to offer the job. But, you will have to consider taking some risks in such a situation. Unlike roofing shingle prices which are fixed by manufacturers, installation costs can be quite flexible.

Apart from the above labor also depends on the complexity of roof. If your roof is has lots of features like chimneys and vents then the cost of roofing will be higher. If your roof is walkable the rates are lower but the steeper the roof the higher cost of labor. If you have simple, single story house then the cost of roofing installation is lower. A complex, double or triple story in costs more in terms of roofing labor costs even though roofing shingle prices are the same and depend on the roofing area alone.The time taken for roofing also increases in such cases and as a result the contractor will charge you more.

Removing old shingles from roofs will cost you extra money and so will the disposal of the same. You need to factor in extra for roofing shingle prices for breakage and wastage. More experienced people will not waste as much as newer contractors. Installation is critical part of roofing and it is best to employ well-experienced persons who their job. These roofs tend to last longer when installed properly and that saves you money in the long term.


Roofing Material Prices – The Major Factors Affecting Roofing Costs

The major factors affect roofing material prices. This article will explore them in detail. Of course there are other factors too that affect these costs but not to the same extent as the factors we will be talking about here.

Condition Of Roof

Condition of existing roof is a factor in determining roofing prices. For example a decision to ‘repair’ or ‘replace’ a roof needs to be taken. Small repairs are less expensive than replacement of the roof. Again replacing a few tiles or shingles is way cheaper than replacing the entire roof. If you are looking at remodeling your home then you might want to replace the entire roof which will be costlier in terms of roofing materials prices. Again if the supporting structure needs repair, then the costs will add up.

Complexity Of Roof

The shape of the roof, its complexity and height of the roof are major factors that will determine roof price. Gable roofs are the simplest and cost the least, but a roof with turrets, chimneys, skylights, vents, dormers, valleys, intersecting points is a complex one and costs more.


Roofing material prices plays a major factor is selection of the roofing. Again, not all roof structures can support every type of roofing material. Slate and clay tiles are heavy and will need reinforced roofing structure to support them. Also, the steeper pitch makes it more difficult to carrier heavier shingles up the slope.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof in USA because the roofing material prices for this is the cheapest. It requires very little effort and skill to install. These shingles have a fiberglass base into which asphalt granules are impregnated. There are two types of these shingles one is the standard 3-tab shingles of single thickness variety and the thicker, laminated products of higher thickness are more expensive and last longer. The roofing material prices for asphalt varies with thickness and the life-span also depends on the price of the product. The higher priced products last longer and they are lot more attractive with textured finish. The higher roofing material prices of laminated shingles start from $50 dollars per square are justified by their longer life-spans.

Roofing material prices for metal shingles is expensive. It is a durable roof and costs about $250 per square. The prices can up depending on the metal type used. Aluminum, copper, steel, galvanized steel, galvalume are just few of the possible choices. Copper is the most expensive roofing option but it can last for 100 years or more.

Wood was a very popular option for many centuries. Readily available from local sources, wood shingles were made from cedar, redwood and pine trees. But, the decreasing forest cover and the fact that they can readily catch fire have limited their use. They have 25 years of life expectancy. Roofing materials prices for wood is twice as much as that of asphalt.

The roofing material prices for slate is the highest starting at $800 per square. Add to it the installation cost and you will see that these roofs are out of reach of most homeowners with modest budgets. These roofs will last much longer than the supporting fasterners and underlayment. Many old churches which feature slate roofs have had it for 100, 200 or 300 years. In many case the slate roofs are dismantled to help replace rotting wooden beams supporting them. The roof is re-used either in the same building or elsewhere.

Picking The Roofing Material

Most often the roofing material prices are determing factor in picking a particular type of roof. Another factor that affect this price is the roof previously used on the home. Changing the roofing material is not an easy choice for exisiting homes as a lot of other factors play a role like the exteriors of the home, the surroundings, the neighborhood, the color choice, the weight of the roofing materials and so on.

When you consider roofing material prices you should include the price of underlayment like felt, flashing to prevent leakage around vents, chimneys, valleys and ridges, the accessories used in laying the roof like ridge cap and the fasterners used to keep the shingles in place like nails and clips. Installation cost will include labor cost and cost of removal of old roof and its disposal.

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