Facts About Shingle Roofing Prices

Shingle roofing prices and their installation are the biggest expenses for homeowners. The cost of replacing roof can start as low as $2500 dollars and go up to $10000 dollars or more. The area of the roof is a major factor which will determine how much you will spend on your renovation or replacement project. Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material as it is most affordable and offers a decent run of around 15-30 years. The shingles are either single layer or multiple layered products which are nothing but asphalt embedded in fiberglass layers. Over these a coating of granules of either minerals or slate is applied to finish the look.

Self-installation of asphalt roofing will slash your shingle roofing prices  by around half. For example for a simple one story home with 1800 square foot area the cost of laying a new roof will be around $800 to $4000. The cheapest of shingles are 3-tab shingles. Bl ut, don’t base your decision to reroof only the price of cheapest shingles as these have very short life-span. In a few short years you will replacing them and the cost of replacing them will much higher than if your decided to go for better quality shingles in the first place.

Not only that the cost to the environment is also higher. The task of removing old shingles costs money, the cost of transporting it over long distances to designated landfill sites is also expensive and so is the cost of disposing at the landfill site. On top of is the environmental cost as these shingles will be occupying valuable land space.

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