Metal Roofing Prices – Brief Overview

Homeowners who refused metal cited the high metal roofing prices as the reason for their refusal to use it for their homes. The more realistic reason is that they were not too thrilled to be using a roofing that usually adorns fall buildings, barns, garages and sheds in the past. Assaulted by such childhood images of roofs peppered with holes that generously let in sunlight and rainwater in equal measure. But, people miss the point entirely as metal roofs have gone through a drastic makeover. No, longer are they the poor cousins in the roofing industry with one only choice in color and design.

Today, modern metal roofs are elegance personified. They are sound-proof and affordable too as they are a long lasting roof giving years of trouble free life. They come in designs that imitate wood, slate or cedar shake shingles. Asphalt roofs may be cheaper but comparing against metal roofing prices is not at all valid. Metal roofs last several decades longer than asphalt. While asphalt roofs need frequent changes over the the lifetime of the homeowner, metal roof might be the only roof they will ever install. So, even if you pay high prices initially over its long time the cost will surely work out much cheaper.

People also tend to associated metal roofing prices with that of the most expensive roofing like copper. There are range of more affordable metal roofs available like steel an zinc alloys. Copper is truly expensive but it’s life-span is around 150 years.

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