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Metal Roofing Prices – What Factors Does It Depend Upon?

Metal roofing prices can vary widely based on a multitude of different factors. The term ‘metal roof’ itself indicates that it is a type or pattern of roof shingle which is made of metals. So, it is clear that metal roofing prices will depend on the metals used in its make. Metal roofing materials usually consists of metals like aluminum, steel. As these are costly metals, metal roofing prices also rise considerably.

Lowes are a home improving and roof manufacturing store of America which offers all types of materials for building up of a house either from scratch or for renovating. Metal roofing prices in this store is quite reasonable and suitable to one’s budget and pocket.

Home depot centre, a stadium in California is one of the finest examples of metal roofing and architecture and its title sponsor is another roof manufacturers as well as home improving stores The Home Depot. Such pattern of metal roof has got high metal roofing prices. Also, metal roofing prices of The Home Depot is fairly set keeping in mind the type of customers.

To estimate metal roofing prices is a difficult task as the materials used will be of different price in different places. Metal roofing prices also depend on factors like cost of the labors involved, distribution cost of the materials, cargo cost for transportation. Thus, it is seen that metal roofing prices vary a great from places to places. Then, the metal roofing prices will vary depending on the contractor involved to buy the materials required for metal roofing and as per his charges. The contractor will charge metal roofing prices as per square meter of the total area of the roof in question.

After the purchase one can surely ask the manufacturer or the retailer about the process of installation or about an installer capable enough of metal roofing installation. Though this installer too will add charges to the metal roofing prices list one has made to keep a track of the expenditure done. It is highly recommended that should not go with an installer who has not done such type of work before which would only mean adding up charges to metal roofing prices list and not getting the desired result or effect.

So, one should judge and verify before going for installation. Also, a wrong installation will mean a re-installation hiking the metal roofing prices in reference. It is also preferable to have equipments of one’s own rather than going with the installer’s as it leaves chances of having bad or not specific equipments while installing which may re direct to have a re-installation. If such measures are not kept in mind then it will unnecessarily increase the metal roofing prices.

While installing metal roof care should taken of how the house or building in question is ventilated. The house needs to have sufficient ventilators so as to facilitate air passage because metals do not permit air flow through it. Roofs with typical angles, chimneys on them will require to be customized while metal roofing installation.


Metal Roofing Prices & Re-Roofing

Let’s say you’re looking to have your present building re-roofed. With most other forms of roofing, you will either need to rip off the existing roof (which costs you for the labor), or strengthen the underlayment to support the higher load of the new roof, which again adds to the expense. Metal roofing prices, though high, will save you this cost. You can lay a metal roof over an existing roof without doing anything extra.

Because metal roofing is light, the existing structure of your roof can easily support the additional load. And whatever you save from removing an existing roof or enhancing the structure is offset against the metal roofing prices for the material.

Metal roofing is ordered by the piece. The roofing contractor who installs your roof will cut the material to fit your dimensions. The installation process is rather complex and requires skills and experience which is what adds to metal roofing prices. Labor costs are higher and the time taken to add a metal roof is nearly twice as long as for other shingle roofs. The work is more difficult, and skilled workers are rarer, all of which means the installation expense of metal roofs will be higher.


Metal Roofing Prices – Brief Overview

Homeowners who refused metal cited the high metal roofing prices as the reason for their refusal to use it for their homes. The more realistic reason is that they were not too thrilled to be using a roofing that usually adorns fall buildings, barns, garages and sheds in the past. Assaulted by such childhood images of roofs peppered with holes that generously let in sunlight and rainwater in equal measure. But, people miss the point entirely as metal roofs have gone through a drastic makeover. No, longer are they the poor cousins in the roofing industry with one only choice in color and design.

Today, modern metal roofs are elegance personified. They are sound-proof and affordable too as they are a long lasting roof giving years of trouble free life. They come in designs that imitate wood, slate or cedar shake shingles. Asphalt roofs may be cheaper but comparing against metal roofing prices is not at all valid. Metal roofs last several decades longer than asphalt. While asphalt roofs need frequent changes over the the lifetime of the homeowner, metal roof might be the only roof they will ever install. So, even if you pay high prices initially over its long time the cost will surely work out much cheaper.

People also tend to associated metal roofing prices with that of the most expensive roofing like copper. There are range of more affordable metal roofs available like steel an zinc alloys. Copper is truly expensive but it’s life-span is around 150 years.

For a detailed look at metal roofing prices for different types of roofs click here!!


Metal Roofing Prices – What Justifies The Higher Cost?

Metal roofing prices include long term warranties. Given the strong and sturdy nature of metal roofing materials, they usually are guaranteed for 25 to 50 years by manufacturers. Metal roofing materials are resistant to fire and wind damage, and can withstand extremes of temperature and weather including hail, storms, and heavy rainfall.

Properly treated and painted metal roofs will prevent snow from accumulating, and shed it easily when the ice thaws. For this reason, home owners who live in the mountains and colder climates prefer metal shingle roofs. Under these circumstances, metal roofing prices become amortized against the cost of damages or repairs caused by extreme weather conditions.

One more factor lowers the emphasis on metal roofing prices, and that is their environment friendly nature. Consumers who are discerning enough to care about their environment are opting for metal roofing since the material is completely recyclable. Your roof will not go to add waste to landfills and contaminate the habitat, with almost 95% of it being fully recycled for use. What’s more, metal roofing materials can be recycled and used over and over – an important factor in estimating metal roofing prices and one that justifies a higher upfront investment.

In the eyes of many home owners, such benefits of metal roofing outweigh the higher prices. The fact that metal roofs are very low maintenance and will often outlast the rest of the building is an added advantage. And metal roofing is energy efficient. Reflectivity coatings help deflect a large share of solar radiation that hits the building, causing a cooler roof with lesser costs from air conditioning and cooling. The cost savings alone can slash 25% off your energy bill, and despite higher metal roofing prices your roof may end up saving you money over time!


Metal Roofing Prices – Cost Or Investment?

Some home owners think of higher metal roofing prices as a cost. But when you look at the big picture and see how metal roofs are more durable, less maintenance, more efficient, less wasteful and aesthetically appealing in the bargain, you’ll realize that contrary to costing more, metal roofing actually saves you money over the lifetime of your building.

Metal roofing prices are high because the materials cost more and labor costs are higher. But despite being thrice as costly as asphalt shingle roofs to install, they pay you back over time and enhance the asset value of your building to a level impossible with any other form of roofing solution.

In that sense the higher metal roofing prices become an investment, not a cost. And an investment that will pay you back a rich multiple in the years to come.


What Influences Metal Roofing Prices?

Metal roofing prices have traditionally scared home owners – and with good reason. Among the most costly home repair and improvement procedures is the replacement or installation of a new roof. However, ignoring these repairs when they become necessary can end up putting a deeper dent in your pocketbook. That’s why it becomes essential for home owners to research roofing options carefully as soon after they are advised (or realize) that their roof needs replacing.

Metal roofing prices notwithstanding, metal roofing is gaining popularity as a replacement choice. It is true that metal roofing prices can be up to three times higher than other alternatives like asphalt roofing. But still some home owners who are focused on the longer term cost savings of metal roofing pick it as their first choice.

Metal roofing prices will vary slightly depending upon geography, nature of metal and cost of labor in the area. On average, a fair estimate may be between $350 and $600 per square (a square being 100 square feet, in roofing terms). Usually metal roofing prices are quoted for materials, but labor and installing expenses run extra.

Metal roofing materials come in the form of tiles or shingles. These are durable, attractive in appearance, lightweight and long lasting. The shingles or tiles are made of copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. Even the least expensive form of metal shingles will last for 25 to 30 years, making it nearly twice as durable as asphalt shingle roofing. Aluminum-zinc alloy roofing is much stronger and can last up to a century.


Metal Roofing Prices : Why Choose Metal Roofs And Is The Cost Justified?

Metal roofing prices was just an excuse why homeowners shied away from metal as roofing option for their homes. Images of barns, garages and sheds of their childhood with metal roof and immense noise when rain strikes against the metal were a giant put-off for most people. Most did not even want to consider it as a roof for their homes. With giant strides in technology, metal roofs are no longer the poor cousin of other roofing solutions in terms of looks and noise-levels. The modern metal roofs are elegant, dignified in their silence, affordable and long-lasting. They are even designed to look like wood shingles and slate, so you can have true metal roof that likes wood or slate.

Asphalt or composition shingles may be cheaper when compared with metal roofing prices but that is no longer a valid reason why metal should not be considered as a serious contender for home roofing. Metals last several decades longer than asphalt. That means a metal roof that you install today will be the last roof you will ever put up on your home. In the same time you might have to replace two or more asphalt roofs. So, it makes sense that even if you high prices initially the costs in the longer term work out cheaper.

Most people when they hear metal roofing prices will be put-off by the high costs and go looking for other cheaper solutions. The problem with the term metal roofs is that includes a broad range of metals from copper, aluminum to steel and their alloys. The most expensive roof happens to be copper which can last up to 150 years with no rusting, corrosion or any other problems. It is easy to install and orange colored gleam will gradually fade and acquire a green patina over its life time protecting it. But, it is unaffordable for most homes owners. The more affordable roofs when it comes to metal is steel.

Metal roofing prices are very much dependent on the type of metal used. For example copper is costliest and steel falls in affordable category. The price starts from $350 and can be as high as $1,100 dollars per square of metal roofing material ordered. This is just the price for the material. The cost of installing the roof, the removal of old roof and its disposal will cost you extra. So, you will notice the price of metal roofing is definitely much higher than the cost of asphalt shingles.

Based on data gathered from various reliable sources the cost of installation of roofs for an average sized home that is 24 feet by 45 feet and with 1700 square feet of roofing works out to about $6,700 dollars for house with medium pitched roofing. These numbers are averages worked out taking data of the whole country into consideration. In actual terms metal roofing prices vary based on location, size of roof, the type of metal used and so on. The cost of metal roofing in a major city might be two times of a roof in a rural location.

Steel is the most affordable of roofing solutions. The metal roofing prices for steel including its installation costs work out to around $5000 dollars to $17000 dollars. The shingles are interlocking steel shingles. If you want to choose the higher end corrosion resistant steel sheets, the cost works out to $12000 to $22000 dollars. Aluminum works out to about the same from $10000 to $20000. Copper is the most expensive and can set you back by $25000 to $40000 dollars.

If you are wondering why you should invest in a high-priced roofing like when more affordable roofing options are open to you. What advantages can be justified by the high metal roofing prices? The reasons are plenty. They are assured of a long life, are durable and comes with warranty of 50 years. The higher-end metal roofs will survive for 100 years or more. Metal is immune to most type of adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and wind. It is not affected by fire. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly as the metal used can be made from recycled metal and once the life of the roof is over it can recycled to be used for other purposes.

There is one more reason why metal roofing prices are justified. The modern metal roofs come with reflective coatings that deflect the rays of the sun and keep the energy costs down for the homeowners. These energy savings can be noticed through the year and is huge saving on the heating and cooling costs. Also, the old roofing can stay on and new roof can be installed over it. This is because metal roofs are light-weight.

The one disadvantage is of course that metal roofing prices are about three to four times the price of regular asphalt shingles but considering all the benefits it might be worth it to go for metal roofs if you can afford the price.


Corrugated Metal Roofing Prices – An Overview Of The Material And Costs

High corrugated metal roofing prices was a major drawback and one the reasons why people chose asphalt and other cheaper roofing options. It was considered the roof for the elite because of the high price. Also, installation needs to be done by professionals which also costs a lot more than normal roofs. Today, you will find that homeowners are switching back to corrugated metal roofs as it is extremely effective against rain and helps snow to melt and slide off faster. It is also much tougher roof compared to other options which makes it ideal for commercial applications.

Metal roofing is very sought after in colder states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is important to look for good dealers who offer the best corrugated metal roofing prices and quotes from professional roofing installation that will not break your finances. These roofs are preferred for homes, large sheds and industrial buildings.

Another advantage is that higher expense of corrugated metal roofing prices are offset to a large extent by the high energy savings of these modern metal roofs. The new techniques in manufacturing make them environment friendly. The radiant coating on top of the metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere keeping the home cool and comfortable. The homeowner also benefits from lower energy bills through the year as his cooling and heating bills energy costs are down.

Metal roofs are considered best option for those people concerned about how they impact the environment. Several manufacturers are making these roofs using recycled metal and other materials. If you see standing seam metal roofs are nothing but recycled metal. The installation of these roofs is also much easier as it has to be placed directly over the asphalt shingles. The maintenance costs are much lower and this can be offset against the initial higher corrugated metal roofing prices as long term you save quite a bit of money.

Another major positive despite the corrugated metal roofing prices being on the higher side is its durability. Combined with low maintenance costs, the higher energy savings associated with these roofs, its better protective abilities against the elements and its lower maintenance costs makes this a very attractive roofing option for many applications. To top it all off corrugated metal roofs are very attractive and gives your home a instant curb appeal.

There are several options when it comes choosing corrugated metal roofs. Aluminum, steel, copper and their alloys are commonly used roofing options. Steel is heaviest and toughest of metals as covering for homes. Corrugated metal roofing prices are pretty reasonable for steel. They also do not rust or corrode as they are coated with special finish.

Let’s take a brief look at the above available metal roof

Aluminum : Corrugated metal roofing prices are lower for aluminum and is generally preferred for residential applications. This metal does not rust even when used uncoated. But, as the appearance deteriorated over time, it is generally painted or coated with special applications. The roof is light-weight too. Though if you look at it from an environmental perspective it is recommended that aluminum be not used for roofing application as it is scarce and precious resource.

Copper : The most expensive when you consider corrugated metal roofing prices of different metal roofs it is roof that does not undergo corrosion not does it rust. Instead over the years it generally develops a beautiful green patina that is prized by some homeowners. This roofing lasts for century or more and it is very easy to install.

Steel: Comparitively cheaper option and it is also strong and durable. When coated it is immune to rust and corrosion. It is a highly affordable roofing option in metals for home and industries.

Alloys: Steel and aluminum alloys are some of the toughest and strongest metal roofs. They are known for their long life and being rust-proof and corrosion resistant. They are quite expensive too but worth the high prices. Galvanized steel, galvanized aluminum are two example of alloys. As long as the alloys are not under extreme stress like acid rain or constant rubbing by branches of trees, they last a long time.

Corrugated metal roofing prices are not a big deal if you consider all the above advantages. The choice in colors and shades make the job of matching your exteriors to your roof a breeze. The installation is pretty simple and can go on top of existing roofing. Installation can be done by any trained professional or even as DIY project by homowners with little bit of extra care and attention. The extra curb appeal of the roof makes your home an instant hit in the neighborhood and also it increases the resale value of the home.

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