Metal Roofing Prices : Why Choose Metal Roofs And Is The Cost Justified?

Metal roofing prices was just an excuse why homeowners shied away from metal as roofing option for their homes. Images of barns, garages and sheds of their childhood with metal roof and immense noise when rain strikes against the metal were a giant put-off for most people. Most did not even want to consider it as a roof for their homes. With giant strides in technology, metal roofs are no longer the poor cousin of other roofing solutions in terms of looks and noise-levels. The modern metal roofs are elegant, dignified in their silence, affordable and long-lasting. They are even designed to look like wood shingles and slate, so you can have true metal roof that likes wood or slate.

Asphalt or composition shingles may be cheaper when compared with metal roofing prices but that is no longer a valid reason why metal should not be considered as a serious contender for home roofing. Metals last several decades longer than asphalt. That means a metal roof that you install today will be the last roof you will ever put up on your home. In the same time you might have to replace two or more asphalt roofs. So, it makes sense that even if you high prices initially the costs in the longer term work out cheaper.

Most people when they hear metal roofing prices will be put-off by the high costs and go looking for other cheaper solutions. The problem with the term metal roofs is that includes a broad range of metals from copper, aluminum to steel and their alloys. The most expensive roof happens to be copper which can last up to 150 years with no rusting, corrosion or any other problems. It is easy to install and orange colored gleam will gradually fade and acquire a green patina over its life time protecting it. But, it is unaffordable for most homes owners. The more affordable roofs when it comes to metal is steel.

Metal roofing prices are very much dependent on the type of metal used. For example copper is costliest and steel falls in affordable category. The price starts from $350 and can be as high as $1,100 dollars per square of metal roofing material ordered. This is just the price for the material. The cost of installing the roof, the removal of old roof and its disposal will cost you extra. So, you will notice the price of metal roofing is definitely much higher than the cost of asphalt shingles.

Based on data gathered from various reliable sources the cost of installation of roofs for an average sized home that is 24 feet by 45 feet and with 1700 square feet of roofing works out to about $6,700 dollars for house with medium pitched roofing. These numbers are averages worked out taking data of the whole country into consideration. In actual terms metal roofing prices vary based on location, size of roof, the type of metal used and so on. The cost of metal roofing in a major city might be two times of a roof in a rural location.

Steel is the most affordable of roofing solutions. The metal roofing prices for steel including its installation costs work out to around $5000 dollars to $17000 dollars. The shingles are interlocking steel shingles. If you want to choose the higher end corrosion resistant steel sheets, the cost works out to $12000 to $22000 dollars. Aluminum works out to about the same from $10000 to $20000. Copper is the most expensive and can set you back by $25000 to $40000 dollars.

If you are wondering why you should invest in a high-priced roofing like when more affordable roofing options are open to you. What advantages can be justified by the high metal roofing prices? The reasons are plenty. They are assured of a long life, are durable and comes with warranty of 50 years. The higher-end metal roofs will survive for 100 years or more. Metal is immune to most type of adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and wind. It is not affected by fire. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly as the metal used can be made from recycled metal and once the life of the roof is over it can recycled to be used for other purposes.

There is one more reason why metal roofing prices are justified. The modern metal roofs come with reflective coatings that deflect the rays of the sun and keep the energy costs down for the homeowners. These energy savings can be noticed through the year and is huge saving on the heating and cooling costs. Also, the old roofing can stay on and new roof can be installed over it. This is because metal roofs are light-weight.

The one disadvantage is of course that metal roofing prices are about three to four times the price of regular asphalt shingles but considering all the benefits it might be worth it to go for metal roofs if you can afford the price.


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