Corrugated Metal Roofing Prices – An Overview Of The Material And Costs

High corrugated metal roofing prices was a major drawback and one the reasons why people chose asphalt and other cheaper roofing options. It was considered the roof for the elite because of the high price. Also, installation needs to be done by professionals which also costs a lot more than normal roofs. Today, you will find that homeowners are switching back to corrugated metal roofs as it is extremely effective against rain and helps snow to melt and slide off faster. It is also much tougher roof compared to other options which makes it ideal for commercial applications.

Metal roofing is very sought after in colder states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is important to look for good dealers who offer the best corrugated metal roofing prices and quotes from professional roofing installation that will not break your finances. These roofs are preferred for homes, large sheds and industrial buildings.

Another advantage is that higher expense of corrugated metal roofing prices are offset to a large extent by the high energy savings of these modern metal roofs. The new techniques in manufacturing make them environment friendly. The radiant coating on top of the metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere keeping the home cool and comfortable. The homeowner also benefits from lower energy bills through the year as his cooling and heating bills energy costs are down.

Metal roofs are considered best option for those people concerned about how they impact the environment. Several manufacturers are making these roofs using recycled metal and other materials. If you see standing seam metal roofs are nothing but recycled metal. The installation of these roofs is also much easier as it has to be placed directly over the asphalt shingles. The maintenance costs are much lower and this can be offset against the initial higher corrugated metal roofing prices as long term you save quite a bit of money.

Another major positive despite the corrugated metal roofing prices being on the higher side is its durability. Combined with low maintenance costs, the higher energy savings associated with these roofs, its better protective abilities against the elements and its lower maintenance costs makes this a very attractive roofing option for many applications. To top it all off corrugated metal roofs are very attractive and gives your home a instant curb appeal.

There are several options when it comes choosing corrugated metal roofs. Aluminum, steel, copper and their alloys are commonly used roofing options. Steel is heaviest and toughest of metals as covering for homes. Corrugated metal roofing prices are pretty reasonable for steel. They also do not rust or corrode as they are coated with special finish.

Let’s take a brief look at the above available metal roof

Aluminum : Corrugated metal roofing prices are lower for aluminum and is generally preferred for residential applications. This metal does not rust even when used uncoated. But, as the appearance deteriorated over time, it is generally painted or coated with special applications. The roof is light-weight too. Though if you look at it from an environmental perspective it is recommended that aluminum be not used for roofing application as it is scarce and precious resource.

Copper : The most expensive when you consider corrugated metal roofing prices of different metal roofs it is roof that does not undergo corrosion not does it rust. Instead over the years it generally develops a beautiful green patina that is prized by some homeowners. This roofing lasts for century or more and it is very easy to install.

Steel: Comparitively cheaper option and it is also strong and durable. When coated it is immune to rust and corrosion. It is a highly affordable roofing option in metals for home and industries.

Alloys: Steel and aluminum alloys are some of the toughest and strongest metal roofs. They are known for their long life and being rust-proof and corrosion resistant. They are quite expensive too but worth the high prices. Galvanized steel, galvanized aluminum are two example of alloys. As long as the alloys are not under extreme stress like acid rain or constant rubbing by branches of trees, they last a long time.

Corrugated metal roofing prices are not a big deal if you consider all the above advantages. The choice in colors and shades make the job of matching your exteriors to your roof a breeze. The installation is pretty simple and can go on top of existing roofing. Installation can be done by any trained professional or even as DIY project by homowners with little bit of extra care and attention. The extra curb appeal of the roof makes your home an instant hit in the neighborhood and also it increases the resale value of the home.


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