Sheet Metal Roofing Prices – Why Sheet Metal Roofing?

You will notice that sheet metal roofing prices are quoted on square. A square is nothing but 100 square feet of roofing area. This is a roofing term. Sheet metal roofs are molded from flat sheets and then formed into the required shapens like panels. These sheets are not the only products, other accesories are also manufactured along with the sheets to give roofs a totally professional look. The final products are then given a finish which enhances the look and feel of your home.

Sheet metal molding can be done either in the factories professionally and with degree of uniformity or can be done on the job site using special equipment. There are draw backs to doing this kind of sheet panels onsite of the job as there are limitations to what can be done and number of finishes that can be applied are also severely restricted. Also, the warranty applicable is also very limited in such cases.

Getting a factory finished products is worth even if the sheet metal roofing prices are higher as you get better choice of finished products and colors. The quality of the product is uniform and predictable. The warranties applicable are of longer duration and will be backed by the manufacturers guarantees on products and finishes. Factory bought sheet metal will weigh about pound for every square foot. It is of uniform thickness. The metals available as roofing material include steel, copper and aluminum and their alloys. As the panel sizes of of sheet metal roofing are huge they are suitable for large buildings.

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