How Much For a New Roof?

How much for a new roof? That’s a question every home owner must decide the answer about before calling a roofing contractor for a quote. Because there isn’t any fixed figure – it varies depending upon several factors under your control.

If your roof is leaky or aging and you’re looking at having it replaced, then you are certainly concerned about how much for a new roof. That is important in order to plan your finances and budget the right amount in order to get the work done swiftly and efficiently.

But if you are expecting a simple answer to the question how much for a new roof, you’re out of luck. It is difficult to give any one answer because of the multiple factors involved. First there is the roofing material that you use for construction, each quality and type costing different amounts. The total price will depend upon how much material you use, what kind and the quality of each.

If you are on a tight budget, be sure to carefully analyze this component and talk to many different contractors to get a reasonable quote. The worst thing to happen will be getting caught midway and running out of money. Roofers will study your building, and take into account factors such as the height of your roof, type of access, slope and pitch, nature of the roof and environment and several other factors before giving you a quote.

Generally speaking, more experienced and expert roof contractors will quote you a lower figure for how much for a new roof. The difficult parts of the project involve carrying the material up to the roof and the slope or pitch of the roof which could make it tough to climb and work on steep roofing. Hips and such projections also cost more by way of labor charges.

Depending upon the contractor you pick, the season of the year, the neighborhood you live in and the nature of your home, the cost could vary even for roofs of the same size. That’s why it is difficult to come up with a simple answer to how much for a new roof.

In lean times, contractors will bid you lesser in order to get the job. But beware quotes which are too low. They may be because the roofer uses poor quality material which will lead to repairs and replacement becoming necessary sooner. Architectural shingles that last at least 25 years are a good choice for a new roof. Be sure that you carefully study your contract to make sure all these factors are covered, and get a firm completion date penciled in to avoid discomfort and surprises later on.

A roofing calculator can help you find out how much for a new roof. The tool will compute a ballpark figure for any type of roofing project. Your estimate will depend upon your material choice, the size or area of roof to be covered, the slope and complexity of your roof, as well as geographic factors. The roofing calculator relies upon nationwide averages of rates for material and labor to calculate the estimate.

Figures derived from a roofing calculator for how much for a new roof must be used as indicative estimates with a built in variation of 10% to 20%. Use them as tools to bargain with contractors in order to find a good deal. By doing these things smartly you will be able to slash the estimate for how much for a new roof to the bare minimum without sacrificing quality or elegance.


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