Roofing Tin Prices – How To Restore Old Tin Roofs

Roofing tin prices for new roofs can be very high. It is commonly sought after information by homeowners who are looking to replace the roofs over their home, barns, sheds or farm buildings. Not many know that old tin roofs can be salvaged. Tin roofs are making a come back and restoring old tin roofs is much more cost-effective than buying a new roof. Contractors with special training in tin roofs are willing to do this for a fee.

If you look at simplest of tin roof restoration jobs you will notice that the prices are same as getting an asphalt roof. But, there are many advantages tin roofs that are lacking in asphalt. A new tin roof will cost you around $17 dollar per square foot. Old roofs can be restored for half the price for complete overhaul. If all it needs is layer of paint then the cost is much lower and starts at around $4.50 per square feet.

If you don’t know whether your old roof needs to be replaced or can be salvaged there is a simple test. If you can stand on your tin roof then it is candidate for restoration. Considering that brand new roofing tin prices are sky-high restoration looks very attractive indeed. If old tins roofs that have seen much abuse like tar being poured over them, or asphalt roofs installed over them or even badly done paint jobs can be repaired and restored to their former glory with modern materials and techniques.

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