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Roofing Tin Prices – How To Restore Old Tin Roofs

Roofing tin prices for new roofs can be very high. It is commonly sought after information by homeowners who are looking to replace the roofs over their home, barns, sheds or farm buildings. Not many know that old tin roofs can be salvaged. Tin roofs are making a come back and restoring old tin roofs is much more cost-effective than buying a new roof. Contractors with special training in tin roofs are willing to do this for a fee.

If you look at simplest of tin roof restoration jobs you will notice that the prices are same as getting an asphalt roof. But, there are many advantages tin roofs that are lacking in asphalt. A new tin roof will cost you around $17 dollar per square foot. Old roofs can be restored for half the price for complete overhaul. If all it needs is layer of paint then the cost is much lower and starts at around $4.50 per square feet.

If you don’t know whether your old roof needs to be replaced or can be salvaged there is a simple test. If you can stand on your tin roof then it is candidate for restoration. Considering that brand new roofing tin prices are sky-high restoration looks very attractive indeed. If old tins roofs that have seen much abuse like tar being poured over them, or asphalt roofs installed over them or even badly done paint jobs can be repaired and restored to their former glory with modern materials and techniques.

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Roofing Tin Prices – Price Of Tin Roofs And Restoration

Roofing tin prices is commonly searched term where homeowners are looking for the prices of tin roofing for their homes or barns or sheds. Tin roofs are making a come back and restoration of old tin roofs has also very popular in the last few decades. There are specialists who are trained to do this.

If you are looking for roofing tin prices then you should know that it costs around $17 dollars per square feet. On the other hand restoring old tin roofs costs half that price. This is for major restoration effort. If you tin roof is good enough and such needs a lick of paint then the cost of painting an old tin roof costs $4.50 per square feet. This price is same as installing new asphalt shingles over the metal roof.

Many homeowners wonder if they need to replace their old tin roofs or go in for new roofs. Considering the high cost of roofing tin prices it makes sense to explore as many options as possible to save it. A test for saving old tin roofs is that if you can stand on it then it can be restored and saved. Some tin roofs have tar poured over them, others have asphalt shingles installed over them and some others have paint. Despite all these coverings, tin metal roofs can be saved.

There are experienced and skilled contractors who can work to keep your old roof, reinforcing it and restoring it. You need to seek out these  experts to do job for you. The high cost of roofing tin prices makes restoration job much cheaper. The availability of modern acrylics makes tin roof restoration and preservation simpler and easier. Rust can be contained by special paints or through reinforcement system. So, there is no need to worry that your tin roof will keep rusting. The cost of painting it much lower than buying new roofing tin prices. With skilled application of these protective materials your roof can be restored to  a beautiful state. Some of the restoration experts even offer 10 years or more of warranty for their work.

The major factors that affect roofing tin prices include size of the roof, the amount of preparation that is need to repair tin roof, the slope of the roof, how high is the roof and any preparatory steps needed. If the area needing work is small than base prices for materials, labor are calculated and about 30 percent margin is added for profits.

Tin roofing needed not be gray or shiny there are several tints available to help you match your roof with your surroundings. Incidentally even old copper roofs can be restored in a similar way using liquid copper. The rates are around $8.50 per square feet. Here we will look at the steps to be taken to completely restore a tin roof.

The steps to restore tin roofing includes first cleaning the surfaces, then preparing it and priming it. A base cost of acrylic is put in the tin and embedded with stitchbond mesh. Another layer of acrylic coating is applied on the mesh. On top of this goes a top coat. After it dries another layer of top coat of the acrylic goes on top of this. Roofing tin prices for restoration includes the cost for the above steps and a percentage of it as profit for the restorers. The works needs precision, care and skilled expertise. Also, once the job is done the contractors are willing to offer 10 year warranty on the work done to prevent leakages. So, it is worth the price.

A simple repainting of tin roofs will include the following steps and costs $4.50 per square feet. The roof is cleaned, prepared and primed. Two coats of acrylic is are put over the tin roof. The first coat is the base coat and the second coat is top coat. The whole painting job comes with two-year warranty against any leakages.