A New Roof – How Much Will It Cost?

It’s difficult to estimate how much a new roof will cost without knowing many more things. For instance, a look at your home or building will help arrive at a rough prediction. But apart from the size or state of your current roof, there are other factors at play that can affect the rate you will pay for a new roof.

Are you replacing an old leaky roof or will you be installing a brand new roof in a new building? New roofs will cost less than re-roofing projects primarily because the extra labor of taking down the older roof and disposing off the debris is saved. How much is a new roof going to cost when your building is new? A gross approximate would be $200 per 100 square feet, though other elements will influence the actual figure.

What type of roofing you are planning to install will also impact the cost of a new roof. But there are still many nuances. For example, if I asked you what a new car will cost, that’s impossible to answer correctly without knowing several other things. The cost for a new car would depend on the brand, make or model.

In just the same way a new roof will cost a variable amount depending upon other factors. To learn more about what impacts a new roof cost, check out this article.


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