Bathroom Makeovers That You Can Do Cheaply… Over The Weekend

Bathroom makeovers can be finished over a weekend for a few hundred dollars – and will completely transform the look and feel of your hardest working room. Nowhere else in the home can you get such high impact makeovers for a comparably low cost. Whenever you’re seized with the desire for bathroom makeovers, you can get an inexpensive project completed in a day or two.

Let’s explore some small bathroom makeover ideas ranging from paint and counter renovations, to floor tiles and ceiling decor. Try out some of them. If you don’t like the new bathroom design, it’s relatively simple and cheap to just paint or paper over the modifications – and try a different idea next week!

Bathroom Makeovers With Ceiling Wallpaper

A simple and fast way to renovate an old fashioned bathroom ceiling made of tin is to paper it over with textured material. Paintable wallpaper from Lowes can give your bathroom an appearance that’s just like embossed plaster. This is suitable even for older buildings, and can be a quick-fix project that’s finished in a few hours.

Pre-pasted wallpaper combined with a re-painting job can alter the look of a small bathroom dramatically. Choose contrasting bathroom designs and patterns from the floor, in order to draw the eye away towards the roof. Most interior decorators recommend using deep colors for bathroom makeovers, and suggest continuing them over onto the ceiling.

Cheap Bathroom Makeovers By Painting Over The Floor

If you have vinyl flooring and are tired of the old design, you can transform your bathroom’s appearance by painting it over. Use a coat of specialty primer as the first layer, and then get creative by making a tile pattern or designing an attractive border with the help of stencils. Coating this with four to six layers of polyurethane can serve as a plastic lining.

Bathroom makeovers that modify the floor don’t have to be expensive or complex. Here’s an interesting idea. Stick irregularly shaped bits of paper (such as from brown paper bags) to the floor. Over it, paint four to six layers of polyurethane. When the coatings dry, your floor will have the appearance of leather or stone – and what’s even better is that you can stain it in the color of your choice!

Inexpensive Bathroom Makeovers Using Art

Interior designers like to frame prints or photographs from various sources like books, catalogs or even collections by professional photographers or artists. But you don’t have to go for such expensive solutions. Simple artwork that your kids create, or art replicas downloaded and printed from websites like can be just as suitable – and attractive – for your bathroom makeovers.

An important factor to keep in mind is the material you print the artwork on. Be sure it won’t get damaged if it becomes damp. You’ll find canvas shower curtains that can be machine washed from various online sources like for $50 to $100.

Shower Curtains For Simple Bathroom Makeovers

Maybe you thought custom designed shower curtains would be too costly to consider for your bathroom makeovers. Well, here’s some good news for you. You can go the ‘do it yourself’ route and save money while achieving comparable results. Choose your own fabric, measure your bathroom, and then get the hemming done locally (or even do it yourself). Most material for bathroom renovations are resistant to mold and fungus.

By adding a beadboard or wainscoating to the bathroom walls, you can lend a rich look and feel to the renovated room. Your costs will, of course, be driven by the kind of material you pick and the tools you have access to, but will be a fraction of what custom designs will be.

Complete Bathroom Makeovers – Comprehensive Interior Decoration

If you are on a tight budget, but still want to achieve some remarkable bathroom makeovers, you can fit it in through smart selection of affordable materials. Cotton and polyester fabric for stitching shower-curtains with matching valances will be cheap, attractive and durable. With a virtual explosion in choices of bathroom material available, you can get many stylish and attractive designs that are also resistant to mold and mildew.

Other ways to enhance the appearance of your small bathroom are by getting some nice new hardware like bathtubs, vanity countertops and sinks, or even resurfacing old ones. Here also, material is available that looks almost as nice as more expensive alternatives. For instance, Granitclad is only half as thick as a regular granite countertop, but costs a fraction of granite sheets.

You can find a fabricator who will handle the difficult work of cutting the material to the right shape and size, and then do the resurfacing job yourself. In these ways, even on a shoestring budget, you will be able to manage extensive bathroom makeovers that give your home a chic and sleek appearance – without breaking the bank!

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