Bathroom Designs and Color Schemes For a Fun & Cheerful Home

Bathroom designs can transform a dull, mundane part of your home into a colorful and vibrant one. Bathrooms have traditionally been colored in creams or taupes. That’s because those shades go well with most internal decors and can be fitted into any proposed redesign later on, which makes the home more valuable at the time of resale.

But trends are changing. Subtle and quiet shades are taking second place to bolder and more daring colors. Once the domain of kids’ bathroom designs, these bold color themes are capturing attention and interest for even regular homes and offices. They create a fun atmosphere inside what was once considered a boring, if essential part of any construction. Bathroom designs pictures and bathroom photos in glossy interior design magazines, and on home decor websites, will showcase several exciting examples of designs and decor.

Bathroom Designs & Color Schemes

When it comes to bathroom designs, your color scheme should make a big impact – and that means the predominant color should be on the biggest surfaces in the room. This usually includes walls, the roof and countertops. Another area that is important (and can set off the theme by providing contrast) is the bath. And by choosing the right colored bathroom tiles to use in the bath, you can complement the overall scheme.

Color has an effect on mood. Warm colors such as red or orange are representative of energy. Blues and greens are more relaxing and calming. So think about how you want to feel in your bathroom before picking a color to decorate it. But don’t worry too much about it looking dull or dark. Just pick a shade of green or blue that you really like and go with it.

Usually, bathroom tiles repeat colors in alternating or unique patterns and in smaller quantities such as through insets or borders on the bathroom floor. Larger stones or tiles that cover more area usually are seen with contemporary bathroom designs and deliver a more muted tone. Bright colors were not the norm in those periods, quite contrary to today’s popular desire to have vibrant and colorful bathroom designs.

Color, Resale Value, Accessories & Bathroom Design

When you design a bathroom decor, various factors come into play. One is the resale value. Neutral colors in a bathroom design scheme are favored by those with an eye on how attractive a home will be when it is put up for sale. But look at it this way… if you like bright colors in your bathtub or countertop, chances are that someone else will, too. So color could be a double-edged sword, and might just as well give you an advantage, as be a drawback.

Towels and accessories such as bathroom vanities can provide the kind of color tone or contrast not delivered by fixed assets. Plastic faucets and enamel fittings can also deliver colors that are not incorporated into the paint or tile work. Fittings such as lights, showerheads and switches can also add a design and color element to your bathroom.

So it is apparent that while bathroom designs may depend upon layout and accessories, color is an important element of the overall appearance. The choice of bathroom colors and the different components in your bathroom that will provide the predominant theme and necessary contrast will need to be well thought out and tastefully combined to provide the biggest impact, while retaining high resale value in case the property is later sold.

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