Bathroom Vanities – Pick Your Style

Bathroom vanities are one of the more expensive pieces of fixtures that you will pick for your bath apart from the bathtub. These two will take up a major portion of your planned expenses for your bathroom renovation. What type of vanity you choose will be largely dependent on the type of bathroom you’re planning and of course the planned budget for the remodeling. A sophisticated and sleek vanity can tremendously enhance your bathroom’s look and also the whole bathroom experience. With a superior finish and enviable design you will thoroughly enjoy getting ready in the bath. Women especially will love the whole idea of dressing up for either work or social outings in front of these beautiful vanities.

His and Her Vanities

In most households today both the man and the woman work and need to use bathroom. Having a single sink vanity is not practical in such households. Having separate bathroom vanities for man and the woman eliminates any potential conflicts in the morning. Another significant plus point is that couple can get some quality time together as they get ready and catch up with each other before rushing out to work.

Individual Stands

If the bathroom is small it is better to have individual stands for both the vanities as this will clear up valuable floor space. Instead of having cabinet space under the sinks it is better to have them on the wall beside or in between the vanities. Shallow shelves are quite sufficient. It also eliminates the need to bend and reach for stuff as now it will within easy reach. In bigger room a long single twin vanity set with sleek lines will enhance the look of modern bathrooms. There are spa-style vanities which will suit ideally if you plan on spa type bathroom renovation project.

Wall Mounted

Bathroom vanities that are wall-mounted free up space under the vanity sink which can be either put to use or just left alone to give the room a more spacious look. Taking every bit of space for storage sometimes makes the room a little cramped. But, if you small bathroom and need the storage space then it might be necessary to have the storage cabinets under the sink. Try to keep it a little above the floor level.

Antique bathroom vanities are these really elaborate sets made of wood or wrought iron finish. You might also get elaborate marble counters with hand carving. If you DIY bathroom renovation is to convert your bathroom into an old Victorian era bath with claw-foot bath tubs and other accessories then these will fit beautifully well with the whole theme.

Spa Styles, Modern, Contemporary

There are several of these modern and contemporary designs in bathroom vanities that have sleek, sophisticated lines and are made of variety of materials and finishes and raise the oomph factor of your bathroom. The costs of the ultra-modern sets can be considerably high but it will instantly raise your bathroom experience by several times and are great investments.

When you undertake a bathroom renovation project remember that your home value will increase instantly by double or triple the amount you spend on renovating it. So, if you plan on selling your home in a couple of years these bathroom vanities and other expenses will be easily recouped.

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