Bathroom Design Idea To Create a Great Master Bathroom – Without Going Bankrupt

Bathroom design ideas can turn your master bathroom into one of the most attractive parts of your home, while still keeping the right perspective and balance. Many experienced designers suggest certain broad principles that can ensure that the correct mix of design and functionality, appearance and utility, can be achieved with any bathroom construction project.

Connect Your Bathroom To The Bedroom Comfortably

There are many different ways your bathroom and bedroom can be linked. You may have the bathroom designed to open directly into your master bedroom, or alternatively there may be a vestibule or dressing room in between. While working on bathroom design ideas, make sure to factor in the way the people living in the house will use the bathroom and plan accordingly. For instance, an early riser who needs to use the toilet and shower before leaving for work can disturb the lucky late sleeper if your design isn’t right.

Another element to consider is the relative size of your bathroom and master bedroom. The bathroom should be comfortable and sufficiently large to be used conveniently without being overly spacious and roomy.

Bathroom Designs Ideas Should Factor In Functionality

Specific areas in your bathroom should be designated for particular functions. A wash area, a shower or bathtub, and a toilet are commonly found in most bathrooms. But assigning functional spaces need not come at the expense of aesthetics or appearance. For instance, instead of lining up all your fixtures along one wall, you could come up with bathroom design ideas that site everything around a central space.

Consider certain issues carefully. Does the toilet need a separate room, or can it be in the same space as the shower or bathtub? Is there need for a separate bathtub, or can a combination of shower and tub work just as well? Also plan to leave room for the bathroom to grow as your family’s needs evolve. Even when space is limited, bathroom design ideas can work within constraints to create pleasing results.

Think About Your Bathroom As a Unique Room

Far too often, bathroom design ideas are rudimentary and end up creating functional spaces that are not at all attractive. Thinking about your bathroom just as any other room in the home, with specific functional areas to move around in can spark off some design ideas that work very well. One example is to arrange individual components of the bathroom around a central square.

Make Your Bathroom An Extension of Your Bedroom

Thinking about your bathroom as an extended part of your bedroom can lead to some interesting bathroom design ideas. What do you see when the bathroom door is open, as you view it from the bedroom? Is there a view of the attractive wash basin or is the garden beyond visible through a window? Or do you see the toilet with its seat up?

And in the same way, think about what you’ll see in the bedroom as you look at it from inside your bathroom. Plan the placement of your doorways based on these factors and the overall aesthetics will be more pleasing.

Bathroom Designs Should Be Compatible With Other Rooms

It can be jarring and out of place if the bathroom is significantly different in appearance and design from the rest of the house. Use tiles and colors that are compatible or that complement the other rooms and overall architecture of your building. Use fixtures and materials that match the kind that are in the bedroom, dining room and living area, so there is a harmony as one moves around the house.

Guard against the temptation to make your bathroom the most attractively designed room. Even if you spend quite a while inside it, you are rarely called upon to entertain guests or visitors in it. So decorating your bathroom with costly fixtures and fittings is wasteful and unnecessary. There are cheaper and equally attractive options available for most of them.

Bathroom Design Ideas Include Keeping Proportions

Sometimes it seems like a good idea to make the bathroom really big to accommodate a larger bathtub or give yourself more space inside it. But taking away from the master bedroom in order to fit in a larger tub can be a bad design choice. Your bathroom, to be in proper proportion, must be significantly smaller than your bedroom. Don’t let the bathroom take over your home!

By following these simple bathroom design ideas, you can create a home that is stylish, classy and proportionate – one in which you experience a sense of harmony that only comes when everything fits nicely together, and is just right.

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