Small Bathroom Renovations – How To Make It Look Bigger And Function Better

Small bathroom renovations help create more space, one of the most common reasons why people with tiny bathrooms take up the job of remodeling them. By intelligent use of the available floor space and creating clever storage areas and removing unnecessary fittings your cramped room can look more spacious and comfortable. While you are renovating it is also possible to update the look of bathroom by replacing old and worn out fittings with the latest and modern ones.

Add Light

A small bathroom can look even more small and cramped if it is dark and damp. Try to add a high window to the room if possible. Dress it up with designer curtains that semi-transparent to let in the light. Choose whites or creams. If it is not possible to add the window then add some extra light fittings which help spread soft light and make the room brighter and cheerful.

Change Bathroom Fixtures

The trick in creating more space using small bathroom renovations is to remove unnecessary space occupying fixtures. For instance a long vanity with two sinks and a lot of counter top space is not needed. Instead two smaller sinks set apart with smaller vanities for each and shelf space on the wall in between or elsewhere will instantly make the small bath look bigger. Combine your shower and tub units or have just shower and you have created more space in your small bathroom. Go for smaller sized fixtures to create illusion of larger bath.


If you are planning small bathroom renovations then here is another trick to make a small room look big, style it in lighter shades. Choose lighter colored tiles for wall and floors, light pastel shades of paint for the walls and doors and curtains of light fabrics. Blinds are also great for an updated look. You can choose wooden blinds if you are planning more light fittings to make the look brighter. Wall paper in light yellows or blues with pretty flowers is also great option for small bathrooms.

Avoid Clutter

Even a small room that is maintained neat and cleans with no clutter looks spacious. Small storage areas tucked into corners and crevices where nothing else will fit, shallow shelves to hold soaps, shampoos and your hundred other bottles will help keep the bathroom clutter free with everything in its appointed space. The ability to see more of the floor space also, gives the space a roomier look. So, avoid vanities that go down to the floor and are run all along the bathroom walls.

Small bathroom renovations are trickier as the space is limited and number of fixtures and fittings that can be put in so many. It’s challenge for the creative genius inside to try to fit the most essential aspects in as small area as possible and allow you to freedom to move around. You need to pick and choose what you want to put into the limited place available. It’s tough choice to make but that’s the way it is.

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