Green Energy Business Ideas You Can Take To The Bank

Green energy business ideas are plentiful and limited more by your imagination and enterprise than any other constraints. In a world seized by an increasing concern about renewable energy sources, there are abundant opportunities for smart entrepreneurs looking to set up a green energy business.

Already there are a flurry of green energy business ideas being set into motion and crafted into profitable ventures, thanks to support and financing from governments and VC investors. Considering that many green energy ventures qualify for subsidies, grants and rebates both for businesses and consumers, this is the best time to enter the arena and stake your claim. Let’s look at some green energy business ideas that you can model or improve upon.

Linked Electric Meters

Green energy business ideas don’t always have to be directly concerned with energy generation or distribution. SmartSynch from Missouri is offering a way to streamline power management and billing services and helping out utilities service their commercial clients. By designing smart electric meters that are linked to the company’s servers via public cell phone networks and cheap chipsets, they have caught the attention of global majors like AT&T with this solution.

Leasing Solar Panels

Let’s say your clients balk at the thought of investing cash upfront to set up solar energy solutions for their home or office building. An innovative green energy business idea helped SolarCity in California corner a hitherto untapped market.

They allow home owners or businesses to lease solar panels for 15 years – with no cash down. All the processes are handled by the company, including permits and tax incentives. SolarCity even arranges financing for the lease through a tie up with banks. All this is backed by a guarantee that their service will help customers save money on utilities. Talk about creative green energy business ideas!

Germs Creating Clean Fuels

Imagine marine micro-organisms that help manufacture clean fuels and chemicals – in a sustainable fashion. That’s what Solazyme has managed to come up with. An interesting green energy business idea, for sure. Their algae based jet fuel will permit entry into a profitable market – with a unique positioning statement that they provide clean, green jet fuel.

Cylindrical Solar Panels

Gone are the days when home solar panels were just flat sheets nailed to rooftops. Solyndra came up with an interesting green energy business idea based on cylindrical solar panels. The panels, shaped like fluorescent tube, help collect light from many different directions. Also, their lighter weight reduces installation expenses. Both these features give Solyndra a competitive edge in a brutally over-crowded market.

Tiny Wind Turbines

We’re familiar with giant windmills that generate megawatts of power from wind. But Southwest Windpowers has come up with a concept of micro-turbines that are barely a yard wide. This makes them easy to place on roofs and along highways. With over half a million units sold, this provided of ‘backyard windmills’ is on to a hot green energy business idea.

These are just a tiny sample of what is possible by way of green energy business. Put on your thinking cap and come up with some innovations of your own – and corner the market, or secure venture capital to change the world!

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