Bathroom Renovations – Remodel Your Bathroom And Transform It Into A Thing Of Beauty

Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular DIY activities undertaken by thousands of homeowners every year. As the years go by it starts looking jaded, worn out and outdated. The fittings get crusted with residue from the usage of soaps, shampoos and bathroom cleaning products. any amount of scrubbing does not dissolve the stubborn stains. The shower and the tub are no longer of the latest make or design. When you no longer look forward to spending time in the bath then may be it is time to go in for some major remodeling of the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling can involve complete overhaul and replacement of every single aspect in the room or making some medium to minor changes. Replacing or adding a few storage cabinets, changing the wall colors or replacing the bathroom vanity can be classed as medium to minor changes. If you are going to go the whole hog and replace the fittings, tiles and vanities than that is a major change and needs some planning and budgeting.


What major irritants have you been putting up with in the last few years when using the bathroom? Is there enough shelf space for all your beauty and styling products? Are they any leaks or cracks that need fixing? Is the bathtub looking dull and uninviting? Is the shower head giving the same performance as before? As you ask yourself questions you realize what needs replacing and what can be retained. But, you should remember that if you are planning a major renovation that involves complete change of color scheme and the replacement of the tiles and so on then the pieces that are retained need to fit in with the new theme. Either plan keeping this in mind or budget to replace them or they will stick out like a sore thumb after the bathroom renovations are done.


Before you get down doing bathroom renovations it is important to decide on your budget. Next, step is research. Visit several online stores and get an idea about the prices. It is also important to check the products you like in the real world. If the prices seem with your budget then you sit down and make detailed estimate of whole renovation process. This might be just a rough estimate but it will surely help you stay within your budget and not make extravagant additions or modifications to your bathroom that you can’t afford.

Color Scheme

So, once you have planned and budgeted for your bathroom renovation. It is time to explore some bathroom renovation ideas. The first logical step is to brainstorm some color schemes for your bathroom. Gone are days when the bathrooms were accorded the least priority in the whole house. Today, it is one of most prized private spaces where people can retire to and enjoy some privacy and quiet. It is important to pick a color scheme as everything in bathroom from tiles, to fittings and storage spaces need to be color coordinated for a sophisticated look and feel. Choose soothing colors if you wish to use to relax after a long day at work, choose brighter and bolder schemes if you want to get recharged mentally and physically. Whatever the color scheme you choose there are variety of fittings and tiles designs available in the color you want.

Tiling Scheme

There are thousands of ways to tile the bathroom. The innovative and beautiful ideas out there help make each bathroom unique and outstanding. The patterns and schemes can be worked out on paper and the tiles arranged in the scheme worked out. Some of the designs look very simple but when the project is finished and whole place looks sophisticated and perfect. You should check out these ideas and patterns either using software or in model bathroom displayed in most stores. Select it only if you like it and as it is not possible to change once it is done except at a huge expense.


If it’s kid’s bathroom that you wish to renovate make sure the bathroom is kid-friendly and fittings are extra hardy to take all the wear and tear they will be subjected to. If it is meant for older people then the bathroom renovation should take into consideration then needs of older people like the bathroom floor tiles have to be skid-proof even when wet, there should be hand rails conveniently placed to allow old people enough help and support when needed. If it meant for teenage daughter then there needs to more storage space and she will surely need a good quality bathroom vanity. Depending on whether it is meant for the man or woman of the house or for both some special touches like having separate vanities for him and her will go a long way in helping the couple have their own individual spaces and also share some special moments together before rushing out for work.

Investment Value

Finally, bathroom renovations are a great investment value for your home in case you are planning to sell them in a few years’ time. The renovation project will pay for itself and more as it instantly increases the home value by double or triple the amount you spent on renovating the bathroom.

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