Bathroom Color Ideas To Transform Your Home

Choosing from a set of bathroom color ideas for your home is not an easy task. In fact, it isn’t even a simple task, given the range of choices you now have available. Whatever color, shade or design you crave, chances are there are designs available to match and meet them, turning your dream bathroom into tomorrow’s reality.

In the introduction on their website to the section on bathroom color ideas, leading design firm says

Coming up with a color scheme in the bathroom contains plenty of variables: paint, plumbing fixtures, flooring, countertops and cabinets all factor into the equation. When remodeling or starting from scratch, you can coordinate your colors from the ground up; if you’re just trying to inject color into an existing bathroom you can get out the paint rollers, or just accessorize.

That’s so true. And to help make sense out of this complexity, several resources have cropped up online to present various bathroom color ideas and allow you to make informed decisions.’s home renovation guide Lee Wallender has put together an amazing collection of nearly 20 bathroom color ideas and themes which will be sure to spark your imagination and give you some ideas.

Looking for bathroom paint colors handed to you on a silver platter? Well, that’s just about what we’ve got for you here: bathroom paint color ideas, fully arranged by professional designers, and copyable by you for instant designs.These color ideas are easily executed by even the most painting-averse DIY homeowner.

What’s the Look?

Behr, a respected manufacturer of wallet-friendly paints (sold at The Home Depot), calls this bathroom paint color arrangement Wistful Washroom.

Another specialist on bathroom color ideas has this to say on an informative resource that shares photographs and a lot of relevant content, tips and advice about bathroom colors.

After considering your personality choose a bathroom theme such as spa retreat, garden theme, a bath for him or a bath just for her. You must also be aware of the size bathroom you are painting. A rule of thumb is that lighter colors can make a small space appear larger. But don’t limit yourself, if you enjoy bold, dark colors go for it!Remember your home is your sanctuary. To evoke a feeling of relaxation consider colors of the land and sea such as pale cucumber, warm cocoa and pale blue or aqua.

Also consider the architecture of your home.

So, you’re spoiled for choice. Not only can you choose from a wide range of colors and themes, but you also have a collection of bathroom color ideas at the tip of your fingers to access and study before you make a final commitment.

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