Steel Roofing Prices – A Guide To Pricing Of Steel Roofs

Steel roofs qualify for savings on home insurance, as insurers give you the benefit for choosing a safer and longer lasting roof. You save by paying lower insurance premiums. This is again a big cost saver and can be deducted from the initial price of steel roof.

Resale Value

Steel roof rabises the curb appeal of your home. It makes it more attractive and a great investment for the future buyer of the home. They don’t have to replace the roof, so that instantly increases your home’s value. This again can be adjusted against the steel roofing prices you paid initially.

Cost Savings In Energy Bills

Over the long-term your investment in high steel roofing prices is paid off as the roof saves you on money on your energy bills. The roof reflects most the sun’s rays back and keeps your home cool and comfortable. Your attic temperature does not rise up like with asphalt roofs. It lowers energy bills by up to 40 percent.


Steel roofs for homes are sold in two profiles. You can select between shingle and standing seam. The profiles can be similar to asphalt shingles, wood shake tiles or natural slate. There a variety of colors and designs to choose from. The four-way interlocking design is a new innovatiion that makes the roofing very reliable and virtually indestructible in face of vicious thunder storms, hurricanes and blizzards with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. The galvanization process protects the shingles from rust and corrosion.


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