How To Determine Roofing Material Needs With a Roof Shingles Calculator

You can estimate how much roofing material you will need for your roofing project by using a roof shingles calculator. For your convenience a roof shingles calculator will round off the estimates and give you the number of bundles of composition shingles you will need to order.

While most roof calculators will make the best effort to ensure you get a fairly correct estimate, it is mandatory that every home owner checks and double-checks the numbers to make sure you are not exceeding or falling short. A roofing contractor will be able to easily verify the validity of an estimate made using a roof shingles calculator.

Roofing projects are best handled by pros. They are not only more accustomed to working on high and sloping roofs, but also they have leverage with suppliers when it comes to buying materials. They can save you money on buying roofing materials, and time by using the best tools to complete the project quickly.

When you deal with a professional roofer, the one area you would be best informed about is the amount of roof space that needs to be covered with shingles. A roof shingles calculator can help determine this easily.

A square footage roof shingles calculator will tell you how big your roof is. All you have to do is type in the dimensions of your roof and the calculator will spit out data you can hand over to your contractor. In roofing jargon, a square is 100 square feet and is used to refer to roofing area. Shingles made of asphalt, fiberglass or composite material usually comes in bundles that cover one third of a square. Roofing sheets come in rolls that are 3 feet wide and 36 feet long, and can cover 1 square.

Roofing felt or tar paper is used to layer a bare wood roof before laying shingles over it. Felt covers pad the surface over which shingles can be seated nicely. A roof shingles calculator will help you estimate the area of roof that needs to be covered with shingles. It will also tell you how many bundles of roof shingles to order.

For more about how to use a roof shingles calculator, check out this article.


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