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Roof Shingles – An Introduction

Roof shingles are excellent, durable and affordable as a roofing solution. But they need regular maintenance to extend longevity and prevent damage. Since your roof is what protects the rest of the house, keeping it in good condition is crucially important.

In case you notice signs of wear and tear such as water damage or rotting, then it is important to take swift action and fix the problem before it grows more serious. Water seepage can result in damage to the underlying planks, necessitating more complex and expensive repairs.

Maintenance of roof shingles is a continuous process. Homeowners who take a chance and put off repairs, or are too careless to even notice early signs of damage, will only end up spending far more on costly repairs which were necessitated by the serious ongoing damage.

There are many things to learn about replacing roofing shingles. For more on this, check out this free report on Roof Shingles – Fixing Roof Problems


Wholesale Roofing Shingles

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to save some money on construction costs, then there are many ways you can save on roofing costs alone. Even though it may appear expensive in the short term, one of the most effective is to use metal shingles for roofs. And purchasing wholesale roofing shingles can dramatically lower this expense.

The first thing to do is start looking for a provider of wholesale metal roofing. They must stock the manufacturer you want to order from, while at the same time offering you a much better deal than you could have located for yourself elsewhere. The idea of going with a wholesale roofing shingles supplier is that he not only will save you money, but also the time, trouble and stress of trying to locate good deals all on your own.

Some contractors will try and take charge of this important decision to get you to buy supplies and tiles they prefer. They may even convince you that they can get better deals than ‘outsiders’ because of their ‘connections’ and relationship with wholesalers. This is sometimes true, but often what they are doing is guiding you towards retailers they are friendly with, and with whom they’ll even split profits generated through such referrals.

So be sure you do some independent standing research on your own, and check on the rates of wholesale roofing shingles from different sources, including online. Then compare them against the numbers quoted by your contractor before making a final choice of which one to buy. Shopping around this way can save you a lot of money.

Wholesale metal roofing for seams can be much less expensive than other alternatives for cheap roofing solutions. It is often tempting to simply go to your local hardware or building supplies store and buy stuff you want off the shelf. But remember that by going to a wholesaler and taking a little extra trouble, you’ll save a large amount of what you’d pay to a retail outlet. Some wholesales however have conditions and restrictions on whom they will sell to, to avoid competing with their own supply chain. See if you qualify to meet these guidelines. It is worth that little trouble in terms of dollars you will end up saving from your purchase.

Typically residential roofs will be intact for 20 to 25 years. Metal roofing panels is even more durable and can last upto 50 years. And that’s another reason wholesale roofing shingles made of metal are such a great deal. So even though the initial cost and time investment might seem a little higher in getting wholesale roofing shingles for your construction, it will definitely pay off by way of savings and lesser maintenance costs.

Roofing is a major decision point in constructing a building, and must be given sufficient consideration and importance. Make sure you are fully informed and prepared to deal with this decision. Installing roofing and buying wholesale roofing shingles to do it in a cost-efficient manner is a smart decision. Don’t let anyone sway or unduly influence your decision in this regard. Instead be prepared by doing your research, shopping around and comparing prices online by visiting various websites and getting quotes from a range of contractors.

That way, when the time comes to make the final buying decision, you can do it confidently and secure in the knowledge that you are making the right choice.


Advantages and Benefits of Architectural Roof Shingles

Architectural shingles are thicker than regular ones. The weight, per square, is considerably higher for this roofing material. This provides additional durability and manufacturers happily extend their warranties in the certainty that they won’t be forced to pay for repairs or damages. Indeed the heavier the shingle, the longer the warranties that vendors offer.

There is one more serious advantage to architectural roofing shingles – their resistance to disfigurement and discoloration from algae, fungi and mosses. Asphalt architectural shingles are designed to hide or mask this common bugbear of aesthetics – the black streams along the roof caused by infestations. More commonly seen in wet climates with heavy rain, snow or greater humidity, they can detract from the appeal of your new roof or entire building. Architectural roof shingles impregnated with copper and zinc granules interfere with the growth of algae and fungi. This prevents discoloration over time, keeping your roof looking new and attractive for many years.

The benefits of architectural roofing extend to better fire resistance and wind resistance. Their greater thickness greatly reduces the chance of being blown off in heavy winds. These shingles also don’t tear off or wrinkle easily and can tolerate extremes of weather. Granulating the surface layer of architectural shingles enhances the fire resistance, as does the use of fiberglass in the shingle itself. Most of these shingles are rated at the highest level of fire safety, Class A.

To sum up the benefits and advantages of architectural roof shingles, they are visually appealing, create a beautiful multi-dimensional effect on your roof, and are constructed to last longer while reducing the chance of algae, fungi and moss growth, and enhanced fire and wind safety.

Architectural Roof Shingles Brands

Some of the most popular brands of architectural roof shingles include:

GAF Timberline Roof Shingles – These are among the most popular architectural roof shingles in the market today. Timberline shingles provide a delightful natural wood look, and are backed by the reliability and brand of America’s most popular shingle retailer. Usually these shingles come with a lifetime warranty.

Tamko Heritage Roof Shingles – These are a good, long-lasting kind of architectural shingle, and are well known for their ‘shadow tone’ effect that enhances the depth perception of roofs lending a 3D look and feel to your building.

Certainteed Landmark Shingles – These are slightly more expensive than other brands, but come with an extended warranty and are of top class construction value. In most respects, Certainteed architectural roof shingles are comparable to GAF Timberline, and there is little to choose between both brands.

When it comes to decision-making time, often the hardest choice isn’t whether or not to get these shingles. Architectural roof shingles are a grand choice for anyone looking for a solution that enhances the appearance, value and reliablity of their building’s roof. The difficult part can be in choosing the color and texture that you want – because there are simply so many choices to pick from!


Roof Shingles – Installing & Repairing Shingle Roofs

The most visible part of any home is the roof and roof shingles make a house stand out as a stunning masterpiece – or an eyesore. Roof shingles also act as the first line of defense against natural elements, protecting your building against wind and water. Given this, it is amazing how often the roof is ignored until shingles are torn or damaged, worn out or go missing. It’s only when water seeps through and damages the interior, causing electrical problems or staining or fungus on the walls that action is taken to fix roof shingles.

Here’s how to get the most from your shingle roof. The life cycle of most shingle based roofing systems is 2 to 3 decades. A warranty will save you a little bit, but as we draw closer to the end of this lifespan, it’s up to you to proactively repair roof shingles to get high value from your investment.

It’s a scary decision to go ahead and repair or replace your roof. Given the vast array of brands and options by way of roofing material, you can worry about making mistakes that are costly and dangerous to your safety. How to decide whether to repair or replace a damaged roof?

Well, you can ask a roofing contractor who specializes in roof shingles. Or you can take a look at the roof yourself and see why the roof shingles are failing. Are they curled, cracked, broken or blown off? Is only the occasional shingle damaged, or is there general wear and tear? This can determine whether you only need to fix a few broken shingles, or tear off the entire roof and do a good job.

By being diligent and observant, you can even identify problems with your roof shingles before they become apparent and obvious, allowing you to take preventive action. If the gutters on your roof are accumulating ‘sand’ that’s the same color as your shingles, it’s likely they are wearing out and clogging the gutter with dust.

Proactively caring for your roof can save you money and enhance the durability of the rest of your building. It is better to have things fixed before the roof shingles blow off and water seeps through causing interior damage. And maybe you’ll only need a few shingles for a quick repair job. To learn more about how to buy roof shingles and decide when is the best time to have your roof repaired or replaced, read this short report.


How To Compare Roofing Shingles?

So you’ve decided to install a shingle roof and now it is time to compare roofing shingles. While it’s a good thing to have a wide range of choice to select from, when it comes to crunch time you sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be a good thing if there was only one (or few) options. That way you’d be saved the time and trouble of having to compare roofing shingles. But don’t worry – this short guide will take you step by step through the process of elimination until you end up with the ideal roofing shingles for your home.

There are many different forms, manufacturers and styles when it comes to selecting roofing shingles. Often the first thing you start with when you compare roofing shingles is the price or budget. And there is a wide range of variation between, say, a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof and a slate shingle roof. Then there are regional and geographic factors to keep in mind like the local climatic conditions, architectural style of your roof and the impact of your roofing material on the environment.

With so many variables on which to compare roofing shingles, where does one begin? Let’s start by listing out the different types of roofing shingles, ordered by price.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles are the most popular kind, and themselves come in a range of variations at different price points. Asphalt shingles are weather resistant, tough and durable, waterproof and easy to install or maintain. 3 tab asphalt shingles are the basic form which come in color choices but are not textured.

Architectural asphalt shingles are laminated and give a range of depth and color which adds to the variegated appearance of your roof. When you compare roofing shingles with similar appearance, such as slate or shake roofing, you’ll find architectural shingles showing up to their advantage. Because they are almost similar in cost to 3-tab shingles but provide a rich and deeper appearance, many home owners who compare roofing shingles end up choosing laminated architectural shingles over others.

When you start to compare roofing shingles of asphalt, you’ll find there are other nuances as well. Some shingles are reinforced with organic materials and others with fiberglass. The organic reinforced shingles are stronger and better insulating because of the felt covering in their structure. Fiberglass variants have a mat into which granules of ceramic and mineral are embedded which makes them better reflectors of solar radiation. If you’re looking for environmental friendly roofing solutions, then you may prefer ones made from recycled materials. Or if you’re looking to cut down your cooling costs, then asphalt shingles which are reflective of radiation will make for a better option.

Metal Roofing Shingles

Another feature to compare roofing shingles on is the material they are made of. Metal panels and shingles are being increasingly used for residential roofing. These shingles can be modeled to mimic other forms of roofing, while providing your roof with a clean and neat appearance. Metal roofing shingles are among the most durable roof materials with typical lifespans running to 50 years or more. For that reason, metal roofing shingles are also more expensive than other options. So a simple attempt to compare roofing shingles without factoring in the lifetime cost of a roof may point to metal roofs as a disadvantage, while actually the overall expense of installing metal shingles is lesser than even asphalt roofing despite the higher upfront cost.

Synthetic Roofing Shingles

When you compare roofing shingles on price, asphalt shingles are the least expensive and others made of synthetic material are more expensive. There are some advantages, however, that you get for the higher price tag. Synthetic shingles can be manufactured to appear identical to other natural roofing material like slate or wood shake. Synthetic shingles come in various color choices and manufacturers claim that they are suitable for various climates and weather conditions. However, being relatively untested and new to the market, these roofing shingles have not yet proven themselves to be durable or color-fast.

Wood Shingles

When you compare roofing shingles in the premium shingle range, too, you will find multiple options to pick from. Wood shingles are usually considered for high end use, with high budgets to match. They are elegant and beautiful, but also need a lot of maintenance work. Wood shingles can be damaged by rot and insects, and are susceptible to fire damage. What stands out when you compare roofing shingles against each other, however, is the much greater expense of wood shingle roofing. If despite this you are keen on installing wooden shingles, check if the manufacturer you use is Forest Steward Council certified to indicate the wood comes from proper forests.

Slate Shingle Roofing

Slate is among the most durable, elegant and tough roofing materials and slate roofing comes out on top in performance indices whenever you compare roofing shingles. Slate shingles are low maintenance and extremely durable. They withstand extremes of weather and temperature. The one major drawback is the weight of the material which requires structural reinforcement if you plan to re-roof using slate. Slate being natural is easy to recycle, giving it environmental advantages over other kinds of roofing.

So when you set out to compare roofing shingles for a new roof or re-roofing project, your best choice will depend upon multiple factors including price. Hopefully this guide has helped highlight the most important things you must compare in roofing shingles before you make your final decision.


Types of Roofing Shingles – Your Options (Part 3)

This is the final part of the post on types of roofing shingles. Here are the other options you can choose from…


A naturally occurring rock which when mined and chipped into thin slivers is an excellent roofing material. It is expensive and used in high-end homes. It is also a long lasting material, fire-proof and insect-proof. It does not rot like wood. It is heavy and might need extra support when laying on roof frame. It can break when people walk on it making maintenance difficult.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs come in a number of types of roofing shingles. Copper, Aluminum, Galvalume are the most commonly used metals along with lead and zinc. Metals are long lasting, durable, easy to install, fire proof, impact proof. Today, many residences use standing seam metal roofing which gives home a very modern and chic look. They are painted in different colors and shades and can match any exterior décor. They are also available in shape of shingles or individual tiles with different shakes and textures. They are manufactured to mimic clay tiles, wood shakes, and other shingle styles.

Concrete Tile

With advances in technology concrete tiles have become a very versatile and simple roofing material that are light weight and are designed to look wood, slate and clay tiles. Fire resistant, impact resistant, immune to insects and are durable too. Concrete can also be explored as one of the roofing options.

We have explored several types of roofing shingles and there are more traditional and non-traditional roofing shingles in use around the country thatch, tar and gravel, modified bitumen and rubber. Choose one that meets your local needs, easy to maintain and long-lasting.


Roofing Shingles Reviews – Pick The Best

It is best to be informed through studying different roofing shingles reviews before buying a roof for your home. There are several great brands out there but to find the very best you need to knowledge and experience. Several experts who have worked with roofing all their life have shared some vital information about roofing shingles. Armed with these reviews it becomes easier for you to pick out the best roofing material for your home. Remember that the roofing industry is highly competitive and to get the best quality you have to pay more.

The competition is intense in the roofing industry and the makers of the shingles know that price conscious customers will drift to another company if they don’t have shingles in a particular price range. Hence, they offer products in different price ranges. For the better quality shingles that last longer without major repairs or relaying are priced much higher than low quality shingles. Many homeowners are willing to blow several thousand dollars on interior makeovers of a single room inside the house, but are unwilling to shell out extra 1000 dollars for a quality roofing. Contractors and roofers do not lose money as the installation charges remain more or less the same, hence you see people settling for low quality asphalt shingles. It is better if homeowners read up roofing shingles reviews and invest time, energy and money is buying the best shingles for their home. This will give them trouble free roof for a long time.

Roofing Shingles Reviews: Owens-Corning

This roofing shingles company has been around for a long time and makes shingles to the best standards in the industry. The company offers 15-20 years warranty on their low-cost range of shingles like Classic 3 tab and Supreme Fiberglass. The Berkshire range is the higher architectural roofing shingles that comes with 50 years warranty. The shingles comes with different resistance ratings. Better quality gets better ratings but all the lines meet the standards set by the roofing industry for fire resistance, wind resistance and impact resistance. If certain geographic areas need special standards then you need to look for the ratings like for instance WeatherGuard has better wind and algae resistance. Again, the shingles performance will vary depending on the local weather conditions. The higher end shingles can be used for heritage buildings and elegant estate home. The product lines of Owens Corning get an average rating of 8 on a scale ranging from 1-10.

Roofing Shingles Reviews: Tamko Shingles Company

This family owned business makes roofing shingles and has been in the industry for over 60 years. Their 3 lines of shingles include Metalworks, Lamarite Composite and standard 3-Tab asphalt shingles. They come with 30-50 years guarantees depending on the line of shingles chosen. The steel shingles are lesser in cost than natural slate or cedar shake shingles. The architectural range costs much less than steel shingles. Laying these shingles are standard procedure. But, for certain types of shingles you need to follow installation procedures laid out by the company. Here it has to be noted that the interlocking steel shingles are not suitable for slopes less than 3.5. The composite range of shingles are durable and long lasting. They are made to high fire and impact resistance ratings. Tamko is rated 7 on a scale of 1 through 10.


Roof Shingles – Finding The Right Option

The most eye-catching part of any home is its roof shingles. That is the first thing we notice about the home. The color, the shade, whether it is hipped, sloping, flat, gabled, how the colors match the exteriors of the home and so on. The roof apart from the aesthetics also performs an important function of protecting the home. Wind, rain, sun, snow, the cold and the heat are kept at by roofs installed with precision and care. Once laid people homeowners usually forget about the most important aspect of their home – the roof.

That is until the roof shingles get damaged, chipped, worn-out, broken or fly-away due to fierce storms or otherwise. When water starts leaking through the roof and dripping over your expensive carpet or sofa set, you start panicking and remember that your roof needs some care from time to time.

Most roof shingles last around 20-30 years. That is usually the amount of time a family spends in a home. Most homeowners have moved on to a bigger home before the life-time of the shingles ends. When repairing or replacing roof shingles there are lot of issues that need to be carefully considered. You need to know whether a simple roof repair and replacing a few shingles is all it needs or whether the roof needs a complete overhaul. If after inspection you find that the roof shingles are fine and it needs only minor repairs that is a major saving in costs for you. However, if the entire shingles need replacement then that is a major project which needs due planning and implementation.

First and foremost any underlying problems needs to be fixed before the shingles are laid. Next, comes the difficult choice of selecting a particular brand or type of shingles from the many hundred choices on offer. Not just color, there are a whole range of textures, types, designs and more to choose from. Slate, tiles, architectural, asphalt are just a few of material choices to pick from in roofing shingles. For a homeowner the whole task of re-roofing or re-shingling can be intidimating, costly and messy unless they have trusted contractors to do the job.

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