Roof Shingle Calculator Errors

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2. Overhang

The basic area is not good enough for the calculation of overall roof coverage area. You will also need to add on an extra measure for the overhang of the roof that goes beyond the edge of the house. If you do not include this figure in your reckoning, you will be short on materials when you go to do the roof. It is best to include this roof replacement cost in the beginning rather than pay more for it later.

3. Pitch

The basic square footage and overhang are measurements of the roof if it were level. Assuming you are not replacing a flat roof, you will need to consider the slope or pitch of the roof in your calculations for roof replacement cost.

Pitch is described as the number of feet the roof rises for every 12 feet of distance. For example, a low pitch might be 3:12, a medium pitch might be 6:12, and a steep pitch might be higher than 9:12. These categories are important in determining the number of shingles needed.

By Shawn Michael Hickman

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