Use a Roof Shingles Calculator To Order Shingles for Roofing Projects

It is important to correctly estimate the number of shingles needed for a roof and a roof shingles calculator can help quickly and easily compute it. If you buy too many shingles, it will be a waste of money. And if you under-estimate the shingles count and fall short mid-way, you’ll be forced to extend the job with attendant rise in expenses.

Calculating the number of shingles you will need for a roofing project has been made simple with the advent of online roof shingles calculator scripts. Manufacturers sell shingles by the bundle. Each bundle has 3 squares worth of shingles. This means that if you measure the area of the roof in squares (100 square feet), and divide this by 3, you will arrive at an estimate for how many bundles of roofing shingles you’ll need to order.

The first step, then, is to measure the length and width of your roof. Each square of shingles will cover 100 square feet. When you multiply the length and breadth measurements you will get an idea of the roof area. This will need to be covered with roof shingles.

When you divide the area in square feet by 100, you get the number of squares. When you multiply this by 3, you get the number of bundles needed to cover the roof. In essence this is what a roof shingles calculator does.

There are many roof shingles calculators available across the Web, and free to use. All you have to do is type in figures and click a button to receive an instant estimate of roof shingles needed for the project. This information can then be vetted and validated by a professional roofing contractor.

For more on the ways to use a roof shingles calculator, be sure to read this short report – click here.


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