Transom Window – Designs And Benefits Of Transom Windows

The window found above a doorway is the transom window. As it sits above the transom over a door it is called transom window. Transom is the solid header beam found above doors. These windows can be either fixed or opened. It is advantageous to have a transom window above your doorways to get natural light during daytime.

Transom Windows That Can Be Opened

The hinges can be placed at the top or bottom allowing the windows to be rotated on their hinges. These windows allow light come in when closed and can be opened to allow for ventilation. You can have privacy and security with these windows as they are placed at height and hence the room inside is safe from the view of outsiders.

Fixed Transom Window

The fixed transom window on the other hand are more for decorative purposes. But, they do allow light to filter in and brighten up a room. Modern transom windows are more for decorative purposes and hence mostly fixed in nature. The transom windows are also known as fanlights in Britain as they are traditionally shaped like half open Japanese fan.

Transom Windows For Beauty And Elegance

You will generally find transom windows above garage doors, main doorways and in conservatories. Those are not the only places to have a transom window. You can have them above normal windows too. This will provide natural lighting and privacy even when the shades are drawn. They complement almost any window type and the wide variety of design ideas make them ideal complements to normal windows. The transom windows can be rectangular, square, semi-circle or fan-shaped.

Design your own transom window to add beauty and elegance to your room. Add stained glass to provide a dramatic effect to your room’s appearance as light filters in through the different colored designs on the window pane. By creating wide and large transom windows you can make your room appear larger and brighter. You can have plantation shutters or wooden blinds to make the room stylish and chic. Window treatment options like vertical blinds, curtains and drapes are best for the regular windows, the transom windows above can be left alone to allow light into the room.

Interior doors and windows can also have transom windows. This will filter the light from the exterior rooms into the deepest part of the home. Modern homeowners are re-discovering the benefits of transom windows which had gone out of favor along with the arrival of modern architecture with their minimalist design structures that depended more on artificial means of heating and cooling than the natural methods of the old. A transom window was considered a frivolous addition that could be done away with.

Adding elegant drapes or blinds to your transom windows will help you regulate the amount of light you want to let in into a room. A variety of window treatment options like plantation shutters or vertical blinds or just plain curtains adds class to the room. You can have the window treatments as a combined option for both your normal window and the transom window if it is mainly used for decoration or have separately for better functionality.

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