9 Reasons Why Bali Cellular Shades Are The Best For Your Windows

Here are nine top reasons why you should choose Bali cellular shades as your home window treatment:

1. Energy Efficiency:

Bali cellular shades have been specifically designed to keep your rooms cool in summer and warm in winters. Their honeycomb structure traps the air and insulates the room. The honeycomb struture of the shades is visible when seen from the sides of the shades. These shades help reduce your energy bills as they act as effective insulators and keep your room comfortable all round the year. Hunter Douglas makers of the duette range are another company to explore for honeycomb blinds.

2. Sound Proof:

This cellular structure of the shades also acts as an effective sound barrier. Now, you can cut out unwanted sounds by simply drawing your cellular shades.

3. Range of colors:

There’s a wide choice of colors to choose from. So you are sure to find a color that meets your needs. You can order swatches of different shades to make a better choice from the comfort of your home.

4. Control The Light:

There are 4 opacities to choose from so, you can control the amount of light you want for each of your rooms. You can choose highest opacity bali cellular shades for your bedrooms and the less opaque ones for kitchen and living room areas.

5. Top down/Bottom up:

You can choose between pulling up your blinds or pulling them down according to requirements and convenience. Installation is slightly different but Bali makes it simple.

6. Cordless option:

All blinds and shades are available with cordless option to make your homes kid and pet friendly. Families with pets and children should go for the cordless option. Others can choose between the two according to their convenience and needs.

7. Fabrics:

There are different types of fabrics to choose from. There is the sheer collection fabric range and the textures collection. Choose the fabrics based on the requirements of your room. Sheer fabrics are great for rooms where privacy is not a major factor. Textures are suitable for bedrooms and bathroom too. Again each of these collections have several options to choose from. Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge range on offer. Narrow down based on your requirements.

8. Double And Single Cell:

The bali cellular shades come in single or double cell structure. The double structure offers higher energy efficiency and better absorption of sound. The single cell cellular shades offer lesser effciencies. But these are better than non cellular blinds in reducing your energy costs.

9. Different Cell sizes:

There are different cell sizes for the single cell shades. 3/4 inches cellular size shades are suitable for most windows. If you have very small sized windows then 3/8 inch cellular shades are ideal.

Bali cellular blinds and shades are the best in the blinds industry. They make superb products that offer value for your money. Their designs are sleek and installation is simple as most of their products are diy products with detailed instructions. They offer the highest energy efficiencies in shades and blinds which means you pay less on energy bills. The higher quality of their customer service and superior products is the reason why they are the most popular in blinds.

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