Why Fitted Sofa Slipcovers Are A Great Choice For Chic Homes?

Do you want your home to be a shrine to your beautiful sense of style? Then make sure that every piece of furniture in every room; every table and chair is selected with care to go with the overall theme of the house. The curtains, the drapes, the wallpaper, pictures on the wall, fitted sofa slipcovers, side tables and every vase and knick-knack on the mantle should speak volumes about your innate sense for creating chic interiors.

You usually have several pieces of furniture – a beautiful sofa set, ottomans, loveseats, rocking chair, a futon and dining room furniture made of different materials like leather, cast iron, wicker, rattan and in varying colors. These diverse pieces need to be coordinated so they fit a general theme and yet retain their special characteristics. Replacing all of them or even a few could cost you ton of money. And you really don’t want to replace them as each has been selected with care over several years to serve different purposes. You love your old furniture. How to make them fit in with your home’s contemporary look? The answer slipcovers.

The readymade loose and droopy slipcovers sold in stores can mar the look of your furniture and destroy the carefully cultivated image of sophistication your home exudes. If you find the exact fit for your beautiful furniture then go ahead and buy it. If not custom made fitted covers is the way to go.

This custom made fitted slipcovers will take many weeks to make. You will need the help of seamstress or do it your self if you are good with sewing machines, cutting and sewing. Else, fabric and labor will set you back by several hundred dollars. But the result will be well worth it. They will look great on your furniture and also protect it from dirt and stains.

Custom fitted slipcovers have several advantages over the readymade ones. Find a furniture or fabric store or warehouse near you. They will stock a range of beautiful materials, designs and patterns. You will be spoilt for choice. Choose denims or silks or fur in yellows or browns or blues. Brightly colored flower patterns or demure and muted designs, bold stripes or elegant checks. Buy color-coordinated throws and cushion covers. The choice is unlimited.

Best of all your custom slipcovers can fit even unusual shaped furniture like chaises and ottomans. Throw in a few interesting cushions with designs that suit that particular room and you will have elegant and unique decor for every room.

Fitted slipcovers will give an upholstered look to old and tired furniture without having to replace them. With fitted covers even damaged furniture with stains and tears can expect to add several years to their lifespan. They will look new and freshly minted. This is also a great way to protect your prized furniture while the children are growing up.

Fitted sofa slipcovers are a great alternative to buying new furniture when you move houses. You don’t need a fortune to change every bit of furniture. Changing a few pillows and cushions, adding a slipcover will give your home the chic look without the added expenditure.

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