Italian Kitchen Decor – A Popular And Amazing Kitchen Decor Theme

It seems people can’t get enough of Italian kitchen decor. They want Italian style kitchen with all the works and the accessories. Italian kitchen spell style and substance. An Italian kitchen is designed for cooking. Pastas and pizzas, sauces and salads, colorful veggetables and exotic cheese varities. The smells and sights of cooking in a kitchen in Tuscany or Naples is brought closer home by doing up your home in the style and decor of Italy.

Here are some ideas to sort through to get what you really want to do.

Italian Kitchen Decor

The first thing you should consider is the color scheme. To achieve the Tuscan look in your kitchen, you want to choose colors such as gold, earth tones, and some tones that may be related to the sea. Try to purchase some Majolica potter and use the colors on this to influence the colors of your walls and floors.

It is important that you use natural materials like stone, slate, granite or terracotta for the flooring and countertops as this will only help to enhance the Italian decor that you are trying to create.

Second you should choose the lighting and because you are looking for an old world look, you must stay away from any new or modern styles of lighting. A good possibility is lights that are made from antique wrought iron, though you can use recessed lighting for your task lighting. It is important to get the right look for an Italian kitchen that you stay away from lights that have a shiny look, instead stick with those that have muted metal finish.

Third – how to accessorize your Italian kitchen d�cor.

It is very easy to buy accessories for your Italian kitchen theme brand new today, but why not take time and scour your local antique stores for some real antiques instead. If you can look for old pottery bowls and pitchers as well as wooden bowls that have been painted or antiques. Using Majolica ware for every day use can give your Italian kitchen decor more authentic look. Plenty of decorative jars with either peppers and ropes of garlic or peppers and grape vines are essential to the enhancement of your design. Using an abundance of greenery such as herbs in pots will soften the look.

Italian kitchen decor is not something complex or exotic. There are dozens of stores in every city dedicated to helping you create your dream Italian kitchen come true. Follow some of these tips to make your job easier.

Italian Kitchen Decor

Furniture- Your table and chairs should look heavy, sturdy and like you�ve owned them for many years. Remember, everything was made by hand in those days and things were made to last.Lighting- Soft lighting is the best kind to bring out your design features. Skip the high hats and instead add some wrought iron fixtures instead. You can find iron chandeliers in lighting stores or online.

Flooring- Once again you are going to incorporate some beautiful marble, slate or terracotta into your d�cor.

Wrought Iron- Speaking of iron, besides the lighting fixtures you can also hang up some beautiful iron fixtures throughout the kitchen. Need some ideas, try hanging your pots over the stove, get some iron bowls and place the, over the counters, or hang a rustic looking wine holder.

Accessories- Finalize your decor with the use of ceramic plates and jars that are painted with images of lemons, grapes and fruits. It�s also always nice to have a fresh bowl of fruit displayed in the kitchen.

If there is one thing that adds to a kitchen’s style or theme it is the accessories. Perfect china, cutlery, furniture, color and art scheme all make the kitchen a cohesive and integral unit that jar the senses.

Italian Kitchen Ideas



Even though the Italian lifestyle is about taking it slow and savoring the small pleasures in life, Italian kitchens are busy places, always bustling with activity and cooking. Because of this, they must always be stocked with an array of accessories and Italian-influenced appliances. Stack wall shelves or ceramic trays in front of your stove with bottles of olive oil, peppers or pepperocinis, red wine vinegar, jars of spices, white wine vinegar, jars of olives, fresh vases of herbs, and a wine rack stuffed with wine, to name a few. Decorative tin or ceramic containers make great holders for just about anything, particularly in warm colors or with designs of food or landscapes. Italian kitchens don’t stash everything like cooks in other countries – they like it all out there for people to see and have easy access. When it comes to appliances and pots and pans, the sky is the limit. For an Italian kitchen, you will utilize items such as an espresso maker, ravioli or pierogi cutters, a garlic press, lasagna trio pan, deep-dish pizza pan, bread pans, cheese grater set, oil and bread dishes, meatball baker, breading pan set, and pasta pots and pans.

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