Kitchen Blinds: What To Look For In Kitchen Blinds And Curtains

Kitchen blinds and curtains are one of most neglected window treatments in most homes. People spend hours on selecting stuff for their living rooms and bed rooms but the lowly kitchen is usually an after thought or just a last minute purchase.

Very few homeowners spend time and effort in buying the best blinds for kitchens. This may be related to the fact that they are not passionate about cooking and don’t spend as much time in the kitchens.

People who love cooking on the other hand spend time and energy is equipping their kitchens with the best appliances and even plan themes for their kitchen and have it decorated according to the theme. For instance rugby fans have the kitchen done up with rugby accessories, tennis fans have their favorite tennis stars on the kitchen walls and a tennis themed kitchen.

So, the blinds in these kitchens will be paid more attention and is generally matched to the other items in the room. Not all people can afford to spend so much on rare memorabilia to dress up their kitchen areas. But, they can surely spend enough time to buy good quality blinds that match the room decor and can be maintained with ease.

In homes with families kitchens are an important area where they spend a lot of time socializing and eating. If you want privacy in your kitchen then opt for vertical blinds. If privacy is not an issue then hortizontal venetian blinds are perfectly fine.

Do remember that kitchens areas can get dirty soon because of the grease and oil fumes. The blinds can get grimy and greasy and will need frequent cleaning. So, buy blinds that are easily cleaned. Choose colors that won’t show dirt and grime. More important choose blinds that can be taken off and put back on easily.

Kitchen Blinds and Curtains

Another way the kitchen differs from the rest of the house is traffic. The kitchen is probably the most heavily used area in your home and therefore needs almost constant cleaning.

When thinking of custom kitchen blinds you should bear this in mind and choose custom blinds that are easily cleaned. Custom blinds with a wood look to them are a choice for many people, particularly those who have a country theme in their kitchen.

You also want to be sure that the window is set high so that the possibility of food splatter on the blinds is lessened. If you have a window near your range, then make sure that you get a very durable set of blinds that can be easily cleaned and are not subject to melting or warping from heat.

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