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This well-written book is your must-read guide on superfoods for weight loss, to control diabetes, blood pressure, and prevent cancer.

More than 30 Superfood FAQs

Completely revised and expanded new edition, loaded with information about the top superfoods.

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'Superfoods 101' can be viewed on any e-reader - Kindle, iPad, Kobo or on your Smartphone. A paperback edition is also available.

Superfood Recipes

For smoothies and salads, puddings and cookies. Healthy can still be tasty!

Superfood Lists

You'll never again question the raw power of these nutritional wonders.

Superfood Advice

Get weight loss tips and superfood recommendations on these dietary marvels.

What's inside the book

You'll refer to it often for information - and Superfood recipes!

What Are Superfoods

Learn what the fuss is all about - and why you need to know all about superfoods.

Health Diet Power

You'll discover the raw power of these nutritional wonders in Charlene's well-researched guide.

Superfood Recipes

Learn how to make tasty salads and soups, muffins and cookies - that are healthy, too.

Superfoods 101 List

Clean healthy foods that will transform your fitness and happiness.

How To Eat Smart

And how a superfood diet will benefit your health and wellbeing, adding years to your life.

Green Superfood Powders

Discover which ones are right for you - and why not all superfood brands are alike.

A powerful explantion of healthy eating

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Charlene Carter - Superfoods 101
Meet The Author

Charlene Carter - Health Writer

A health writer focused on eating and living clean, Charlene has researched extensively on the subject of Superfoods. This guide is the fruit of years of testing and trying various superfood recipes and finding what's tasty and healthy as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about 'Superfoods 101' for Charlene? Here are some answers.

Yes, 'Superfoods 101' will soon be available in print. Meanwhile, you can order a digital copy from Amazon.com - click here to place your order now.

This guide to superfoods is loaded with delicious recipes you can use to prepare salads or smoothies. There are tips to lose weight, as well as heart healthy superfood diet recommendations. Another benefit from superfoods is cancer prevention. You'll find yourself referring to this book often to learn all about the dietary marvels called superfoods.

After reading this book, you'll realize more about the potential of superfoods. And will never doubt the power of these nutritional powerhouses. Charlene has extensively researched her subject. Superfoods 101 is crisp and concise, stuffed with useful data about the top superfoods, and features recipes for soups, puddings and cookies!

This delightful little superfoods guide is ideal for those in search of information on superfoods for weight loss, to to control high blood pressure, regulate diabetes, or even prevent cancer.

Yes, the expanded 2nd edition has been completely updated. There are now over THIRTY frequently asked questions about superfoods that Charlene has answered in this book.

You'll learn all about what superfoods are, and the ways they will improve your health. Discover what's a superfood diet, and how to make sure that you're getting enough in your food. You'll even have an understanding of the latest superfoods, green superfood powders, and which superfoods are good for you.

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