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Valances For Windows – Designs Ideas To Add Drama To Drapes And Curtains

They are plenty of designs as far as valances for windows go. You can choose any design from the vast range available for your home. Valances add drama to plain curtains and blinds. They add that touch of dramatic flourish that makes your window treatment pop out and makes them get noticed. There are innumerable creative concepts for valances. A visit to any website selling valances will give you an idea about the incredible range in the designs, patterns, colors and materials used for valances so you can pick one and dress up your blinds or drapes at home.

Valances were introduced to hide the inelegant opening and closing mechanisms of draperies that existed in those days. Today advancements have made even the curtain rods elegant. There is no need to hide anything but valances have continued to flourish as they complete the look of a window dressing or take it one step higher.

These valances embellish your window treatments. Sumptuous velvets, delicate silks and satins in rich colors draped over the curtains make a style statement that is unique. The valances are available in different styles like scarf valances, layered valances or frilly valances. These are just a few of the thousands of valance types available in the market today.

What you choose depends on your likes, dislikes and needs of your home decor. You can contrast light colored window curtains with dark colored valances in rich fabrics, choose light colored delicate valances for rich curtain fabrics, pick pastel shades for floral shades, pick patterned valances for plain colored shades. Large windows like bay windows, huge room length windows, French window will look drab and dull with just the curtains or shades as window treatment. Adding valances will dramatically alter the look of the windows and the window treatment. You can choose from modern abstract designs to more traditional classical designs in valances. You can pull the various design elements of room by matching the valance your curtains with the bedspread of a bedroom or the cushions in the sitting room.

You can pick two or three types of valances that match your curtains and room decor. By just changing the valances you can alter the look of your window dressing. Valances add something fresh to the design element of the room. Pick a heavier, dressy variety for special occasions and a lighter, casual one for regular use.

Not just fabrics you can also use wood valances for your curtains. Cornices, crowns, engraved, carved, lattice work are just a few of the many types of wood valances available to fit any standard sized windows. If you have non-standard sized windows then you need have the valances custom made.

Your valances are not just a decorative element for your window treatment. They can also be used to hide imperfections in the window frames or hide the hooks and other loops that are used to hang the curtains. Valances can also be useful to cut the glare from the sun and provide shade to your room. Valances for windows are useful in a number of ways to enhance the look and feel of your room.

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Sanderson Readymade Curtains: For Elegant Designs And Beautiful Window Dressing

Sanderson ready made curtains from the house of Graham Sanderson includes a wide collection of beautiful prints from the Montgomery collections which includes elegant designs like Aisha, Assam, Darcy, Amy, Arcadia, Arran, Blenhein, Cappella, Ceda, Figaro, Marisa, Mimosa, Pom Pom, Renata, Newbury, Pin Tuck, and many more. They also have Ashley Wilde collection in their ready made collection. The designs include Ashdowne, Bahia Check, Blenheim Noir, Blenheim Rouge, Chelsea Duckegg, Enya Olive, Enya Wine, Jackson Berry, Jackson Lime and several other designs.

Graham Sanderson interiors are specialists in interiors and furnishings. So, you can get matching linen sets and cushion covers for your curtains. They have a wide range of furnishings suited for every room from dining hall to the living room. Their bed linen is of high quality and they have matching ready made curtains too. So, if you like to have interiors with matching furnishings Sanderson ready made curtains are good option to choose. They have huge collection of made to measure blinds too. In case you need to design curtains for bay window or French window that is not of the standard size.

This UK based retailer specializes in wallpapers, home ware, ready made curtains, made to measure curtains, blinds, rugs, fabrics and cushions at prices that are affordable. Their range of readymade curtains comes with different type of designs and ways to hang. You can choose from eyelet curtains, box pleat curtains, and pencil pleats, curtains hung on hooks, rings and loops. With ready to use curtains you are saved the trouble of buying fabrics, finding a good seamstress who can sew your curtains and designing the patterns. With Graham Sanderson’s range of readymade curtains you are saved the hassle and the trouble. What’s more with their great line of designs you will not go wrong.

There is another UK-based furnishings company by the same name – Sanderson. Founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860 they make premium quality interior products suitable for the tables of high and mighty. They specialise in whole range of products for the home which include pure English fabrics, wallpapers, bed sheets, linen, tableware and materials for curtains. They are the official supplier of paints, wall covering products and fabrics for the Queen of England and her many palaces for the last 90 years.

Graham Sanderson Interiors and Sanderson founded by Arthur Sanderson are two completely different companies. Both are UK based and both specialize in home furnishings products. While one caters to ordinary folks, the other specialises in the more opulent variety of the products for home interiors.

The Sanderson Company has a whole range of plush fabric collections with matching linen and cushion sets that will give your home a rich and sophisticated look. They have several dozens of sumptuous and luxurious designs in their curtain linen section to choose from. The merchandise in their collection is truly fit for the queen. You can buy these lavish fabrics and design your own designer curtains or go for Sanderson ready made curtains from the Graham Sanderson range which is more affordable.

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5 Important Reasons To Go For Made To Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds are usually chosen for windows that are not of standard size. You will find off-the-rack roller blinds for the usual window sizes. The blinds can be opaque, transparent or semi-opaque depending on your needs. If you like to have light in room but want to cut out the glare then semi-opaque blinds are suitable. Opaque blinds or blackout blinds cut-off the light completely. This is useful for rooms where complete darkness is needed like a bedroom or projection room.

Why should you choose roller blinds?


Roller blinds are simple, no-nonsense blinds. Unlike Venetian or Roman blinds there are no complicated mechanisms to operate it. It simply rolls up onto a tube when not in use and you have to just let it down when you want to keep the windows closed. Another way to use it is half up, half down. This cuts out half the light and yet allows certain amount of brightness into the room.

Easy to use

They are very easy to use. Even a child would be able to operate it. The blind is just wooden or plastic tubing with the fabric of the blind wound around this tube. When you unroll it, it cuts of the light and when you roll it up you can enjoy the views and the brightness. If the fabric used is transparent then you can enjoy the view while cutting out some of the light

Low Maintenance

These roller blinds are easy to maintain. Light vacuuming would remove the dust. Cleaning products are available which can be used to clean the roller shades even as they are mounted on the windows. No need to take them off.


Roller blinds are affordable compared to venetian blinds and other types of shades.


They can be designed to meet any requirements and need. They are available in every size, hundreds of designs and colors. The choice of fabric is also unlimited. It is easy to get made to measure blinds for any look and feel that you want for your home.

Why not ready made roller blinds?

The answer is simple. Not all ready made ones suit our requirements. They may not be the right size which is most frequent reason. They may not be in fabric or our choice. The designs available may not go with the decor of our home. Or you simply want to have a window treatment that is unique and elegant like your home. Whatever the reason, made to measure roller blinds are an answer to our prayers.

Roller blinds come in standard sizes but almost every home has a window that is not is not of the standard size. It may be a bay window or a French window or a wall sized window with a breath-taking view. Roller blinds are great for such non-conformist designs. Made to measure roller blinds are easy to design and use and versatile enough to be made in different sizes and with different type of materials.

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Eyelet Curtains Ready Made: Modern Way Of Dressing Up Your Windows

Eyelet curtains readymade are most recent trend of dressing up windows. The curtains stand up in vertical yet elegant columns giving off a quite elegance. There is no ugly bunching up or need to tie them up. It is like collapsible door. It can be pulled to either side and it will remain in place retaining its shape.

This modern window treatment method has caught on in a big way and eyelet curtains readymade are available in all standard sizes. These are easy to make too if you don’t want to buy it ready made. Just choose a material of choice and some brass or metal eyelets. You need to punch holes using the eyelets at regular intervals some distance below the top margin. There are some ready made kits available which can be used to punch the eyelet into the material. If the material is very light be extra careful you don’t tear it. With stiffer material you need a little extra force but there is not much danger of it getting damaged.

The ready made eyelet curtains come with these eyelets fixed already and all you have to do is slip them into a rod and you are done. It is easy to move the curtains around as the hole is big and also the metal eyelet does not snag against anything. Unlike other types of window treatment which have problems related to opening or getting snagged on the cords eyelet curtains are quite easy to operate.

People are always looking for more elegant and less cumbersome styles for their homes and eyelet curtains meet both these demands handsomely. It’s less labor intensive to make and clean and hence it has become quite the rage in window dressing options both in the industry and amongst the general populace. It works admirably in cutting out the unwanted light and gives the home owners a sense of privacy with simplicity and ease.

This simple and yet elegant style has found wide acceptance because it is adaptable to many different fabrics and styles of windows.

Roller blinds are one of easier window treatment options but eyelet curtains are much simpler than that both in making and using them. They are easy to maintain too. The chore of removing and washing window curtains is one of biggest drawbacks of other complex window dressing styles. They are put with hooks, rings, tapes and each time slipping it out the curtains out these individual rings or hooks and putting them back on gives many a housewife stiff shoulders. This is particularly true for the heavier materials.

You can choose light weight and elegant designs for your eyelet curtains. You don’t need to buy heavy or stiff materials. The brass or metal rings give it added strength and it will naturally retain the shape and stand straight without any additional work. Also, it is easy to modify a readymade eyelet curtain to suit your needs. You just have to trim of the extra length and stitch the frayed edge and you can put it up.

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Readymade Curtains and Blinds – An Exotic Yet Practical Window Dressing Option

Readymade curtains and blinds are available in a variety of shades and designs. Yet, white and cream are the most popular shades. They are sheer curtains and can be used instead of net curtains. In fact it is used for making mosquito nets in some countries and to create curtains around beds.

Beautifully draped over cots the voile curtains create a romantic atmosphere seen in movies of royalty. Voile is beautiful and delicate material. It is usually made from cotton but silk and rayon are also used to weave these fine textured fabrics. If made from silk it can be quite expensive.

Voile comes from French and has now become a common English word. In French voile stands for veil the delicate fabric that hides a woman’s face from the public gaze. A woman behind a veil is always a mystery. People want to what she looks like, what are her thoughts, what are her expressions.

Similar is the case with readymade curtains and blinds. They cut-off the harsh glare of the sun but a soft glow still lights up the room. You can get a clear view of the outside but people looking in from outside get only a hazy view of your interiors adding up to the mystery of your home.

The light weight, dainty, refined fabric and its translucence make voile readymade curtains and blinds a very popular choice amongst home owners. You can use the voile curtains by themselves or in combination with other materials. It can be used with lining or without lining. If you need just the subtle screening effect then voile curtains by themselves are quite enough. But if you want more substantial screening for different times of the day then using another backup screen in a darker shade allows you to have complete privacy.

The voile readymade curtains and blinds are available in a variety of densities. So, choose thicker versions of voile in case you want more privacy and thinner versions if you want more light to filter through. Voile is a versatile material and lends itself to a variety of styles in draping and hanging as curtains.

They come in a wide range of colors and designs to suit any room’s decor. A large number of plain and embroidered patterns to choose from and the huge range of readymade sizes for different windows and hanging styles make it very easy to buy voile curtains.

These sheer readymade curtains and blinds need to hand washed at least every 6 months. Remove all the rings, hooks and other metal accessories before washing as these can snag and damage the delicate material.

  • Wash it with mild detergents and gentle agitation using your hands.
  • Don’t use any scrubs or brushes.
  • Don’t wring.
  • Instead wrap in a towel and gently soak the excess water and hang it to dry on the clothes line.

Drying white readymade curtains and blinds in the sun will make them brighter. Dry colored voile curtains ready made in the shade to avoid fading.

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