5 Important Reasons To Go For Made To Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds are usually chosen for windows that are not of standard size. You will find off-the-rack roller blinds for the usual window sizes. The blinds can be opaque, transparent or semi-opaque depending on your needs. If you like to have light in room but want to cut out the glare then semi-opaque blinds are suitable. Opaque blinds or blackout blinds cut-off the light completely. This is useful for rooms where complete darkness is needed like a bedroom or projection room.

Why should you choose roller blinds?


Roller blinds are simple, no-nonsense blinds. Unlike Venetian or Roman blinds there are no complicated mechanisms to operate it. It simply rolls up onto a tube when not in use and you have to just let it down when you want to keep the windows closed. Another way to use it is half up, half down. This cuts out half the light and yet allows certain amount of brightness into the room.

Easy to use

They are very easy to use. Even a child would be able to operate it. The blind is just wooden or plastic tubing with the fabric of the blind wound around this tube. When you unroll it, it cuts of the light and when you roll it up you can enjoy the views and the brightness. If the fabric used is transparent then you can enjoy the view while cutting out some of the light

Low Maintenance

These roller blinds are easy to maintain. Light vacuuming would remove the dust. Cleaning products are available which can be used to clean the roller shades even as they are mounted on the windows. No need to take them off.


Roller blinds are affordable compared to venetian blinds and other types of shades.


They can be designed to meet any requirements and need. They are available in every size, hundreds of designs and colors. The choice of fabric is also unlimited. It is easy to get made to measure blinds for any look and feel that you want for your home.

Why not ready made roller blinds?

The answer is simple. Not all ready made ones suit our requirements. They may not be the right size which is most frequent reason. They may not be in fabric or our choice. The designs available may not go with the decor of our home. Or you simply want to have a window treatment that is unique and elegant like your home. Whatever the reason, made to measure roller blinds are an answer to our prayers.

Roller blinds come in standard sizes but almost every home has a window that is not is not of the standard size. It may be a bay window or a French window or a wall sized window with a breath-taking view. Roller blinds are great for such non-conformist designs. Made to measure roller blinds are easy to design and use and versatile enough to be made in different sizes and with different type of materials.

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