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Antique Black Iron Rustic Chandelier Lighting

Great blend of modern and traditional

This popular chandelier from LNC combines metal, glass shade and quality design into an appealing light accessory that will enhance any home. It is bright enough to illuminate an indoor area of 15 to 20 square meters, making it suitable for living or dining rooms, as well as a study, bar or restaurant.

Measuring 28 x 22 inches in size with a flat black finish, the chandelier weighs 21.9 pounds assembled and takes 6 bulbs of 40 to 60 watts each. The chain is around 2 feet long and the lights can be used with a dimmer as long as you use LED bulbs marked “dimmable”.

It is recommended that you have the installation done by a professional because unless you are mechanically minded, it can be difficult and the instruction manual is not very detailed.

A satisfied owner Alpinegato says about it: “The chandelier lighting is beautiful when assembled. It is solid and looks great.” Friends and family will be really impressed.

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The Original Gypsy Color Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Sparkletastic and fun!

A best-selling acrylic crystal chandelier from Gypsy Color, this popular home lighting solution adds a touch of design, class and style to any interior. Composed of a delightful mix of crystal, beading and lights, the chandelier is a great way to make a style statement.

The crystal is of high quality. The strands of beads sparkle and glitter. The chandelier looks great in any room – dining room, living area, foyer, kid’s rooms and even bedrooms. The length can be adjusted to hang upto 24 inches from your ceiling.

The Original Gypsy Color Crystal Chandelier weighs 9 pounds and is 27″ in diameter and 27″ tall. It takes 9 bulbs of 40 watt power. Different styles are available to match your taste, with options including rustic, Tiffany and vintage.

It’s no surprise that so many owners are ecstatic about it. Kim W is one who becomes lyrical about this crystal chandelier. She says:  “It adds sparkle and whimsy to the room. I’m all about color and fun. This chandelier lighting fits right into my concept.”

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Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Crystal Chandelier


Beautiful Orb Crystal Chandelier

Canarm’s crystal chandelier lighting featuring candelabra lights surrouded by rings of bronze make for this unique spherical chandelier that adds charm and style to your home.

The 5-light model with an oil-rubbed bronze finish weighs 8.9 pounds and is 25″ in diameter and takes 5 vintage type C 60 watt filament bulbs. It’s a worthy member of a family of lighting accessories that reflect style, design, value and high quality.

The simple, clean lines contrast against the beautiful curved rings encasing the fixture. The craftsmanship of Canarm’s Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier is superb, and an industrial design turns a light into a stunning design element that complements any room in your house.

The crystal chandelier has a 5-foot chain and 6 feet of cord to make installation convenient. Each part is clearly labelled for simplicity that many buyers appreciate. Gina M says:

“I simply love this fixture! The crystal chandelier is easy to assemble and install. For the price, it’s a bargain!”

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Best Crystal Chandelier Lighting from French Empire

Glamorous Look and Feel

Most owners agree that this crystal chandelier from the French Empire range makes their home look classy and elegant. Trimmed with Empress Crystal, this model reminds one of the grand chandeliers that adorned the ceilings of royal palaces and chateaus across Europe.

If you care about creating a special atmosphere at home, this is a great lighting accessory. Measuring 24 inches in width and 30 inches in height, this traditional chandelier with crystal finish has 9 lights with 40 watt bulbs to deliver excellent illumination for foyers, hallways and living rooms.

You get a certificate of authenticity certifying the quality of your lighting fixture, a warranty from Gallery, detailed instructions about installation and a toll-free number to call for support.

Satisfied customer Z.Wang calls it: “Great product with a good price and excellent customer service. Highly recommended.”

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Rectangle Crystal Pendant Chandelier of Ella Fashion

This light fixture is beautiful.

Many will agree after taking a look at this Ella Fashion crystal chandelier. A fantastic ceiling mounted home lighting accessory reminiscent of European royal palaces, it is a popular item among discerning decorators and demanding home owners.

Measuring 31.5″ in length, 10″ in width and 8.8 inches tall, the rectangle crystal chandelier fits nicely into living rooms, dining rooms and foyers. Four 40 watt bulbs deliver brilliant illumination, with a dimmer attachment that lets you adjust brightness to your optimum level.

The Rectangle Crystal Pendant crystal chandelier also boasts of a high quality, black matte metal finish. It’s a great choice for a dining room with a large rectangular table, or conference halls and boardrooms. Oh, and you can’t beat the price!

Assembly is necessary, though it’s easy to install. A 12″ chain lets you adjust how low the chandelier hangs down from the roof.

A proud, happy buyer Teresa B says: “The crystal chandelier is beautiful, with just the absolutely perfect amount of lighting. We are very happy with it.”

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Odeon Empress 3-Tier Crystal Chandelier Lighting

“Everyone loves my new chandelier.”

Barely 15 inches in height, the Odeon Empress crystal chandelier lighting solution is beautiful and has raving fans among owners. It reminds one of the kind of exquisite chandeliers that graced the ceilings of palaces and chateaus all over Europe.

Reflecting a time of elegance and style, the chandelier which measures 21.5″ in height, 19.75″ in width, and has 9 lights with a chrome finish delivers a visual punch that appeals and stuns the imagination.

Around the chandelier itself is a 6 inches wide piping. The chain by which it is suspended from the ceiling can be adjusted, with most homes suspending the lights at a length of 15 inches.

Another thing many owners agree upon is how classy this chandelier lighting is. One proud buyer J.Jones says:

“Absolutely stunning! We get a ton of compliments on this crystal chandelier. It is in our Master Bath. Of course installing all the little glass pieces took a while. But it was very easy.”

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French Empire Crystal Chandelier Lighting

“It looks really nice!”

Ideal for an entry way or foyer, this crystal chandelier is a popular model. It is trimmed with Empress Crystal, giving your room a rich, royal appearance. This is the kind of crystal that adorned the best palaces and chateaus in Europe.

The class and elegance your home gains from chandelier lighting of this caliber is testimony for how widely the French Empire chandelier is valued. It comes with 18 inches of chain, though light bulbs aren’t automatically included in the order.

Like all other items from the Gallery line, you get a Certificate of Authenticity, a warranty for one full year, a Gallery-verified diagram with instructions and a toll-free number to call for assistance and technical support.

If there’s a drawback, that has to do with getting it installed. A few buyers were unhappy with the installation instructions that came along with the product, but agree that it’s overall a great choice.

Like Francie Han says: “This is wonderful crystal chandelier lighting for the price!”

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Quoizel Ribbons Foyer Piece Crystal Chandeliers Lighting

“I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.”

The remark is typical of many people upon first seeing the Quoizel Ribbons Foyer Crystal Chandelier. It’s fine representative of the company’s line of home lighting products that embodies the long history of glass artisanship.

Not only will you illuminate your living room, you’ll also greatly enhance the appearance and appeal of your home with this lovely crystal chandelier. The crystal chrome finish adds a touch of pizazz and class to your decor.

Unique design, steel structure and 12 lights combine into an artistic and attractive lighting accessory. The arrangement measures 23 x 23 x 23 inches and weighs 18 pounds. Its 12 lamps feature 40 watt xenon or krypton bulbs.

Lake G loves the Quoizel Ribbons Crystal Chandelier, saying:

“The chandelier lighting fixture gets a wow out of me – every time! It is playful, pretty, yet very modern. It casts a bright light, so I even had a dimmer switch added.”

Jennifer R agrees. She said: “I love this fixture! Easy to assemble and it looks beautiful over my dining table.”

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