The Original Gypsy Color Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Sparkletastic and fun!

A best-selling acrylic crystal chandelier from Gypsy Color, this popular home lighting solution adds a touch of design, class and style to any interior. Composed of a delightful mix of crystal, beading and lights, the chandelier is a great way to make a style statement.

The crystal is of high quality. The strands of beads sparkle and glitter. The chandelier looks great in any room – dining room, living area, foyer, kid’s rooms and even bedrooms. The length can be adjusted to hang upto 24 inches from your ceiling.

The Original Gypsy Color Crystal Chandelier weighs 9 pounds and is 27″ in diameter and 27″ tall. It takes 9 bulbs of 40 watt power. Different styles are available to match your taste, with options including rustic, Tiffany and vintage.

It’s no surprise that so many owners are ecstatic about it. Kim W is one who becomes lyrical about this crystal chandelier. She says:  “It adds sparkle and whimsy to the room. I’m all about color and fun. This chandelier lighting fits right into my concept.”

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