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Selecting Brass Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Brass curtains poles are a very popular choice for all types of windows including bay windows. To hang the curtains without sagging or bunching together curtain poles are used.

Curtain poles are available in wide range of metals and metallic finishes. Brass, chrome, wrought iron are the usual metals used for making curtain poles. They come in a wide variety of metallic finishes like gold, silver, steel and different metallic colors to match the decor of the home.

When you go shopping looking for something specific like brass curtain poles you might end up closing your eyes to some truly spectacular options like poles in other metals, finishes or colors. It is fine to be specific if you have made up your mind after looking at other choices but if you are starting out looking for curtain poles for your home then do take a look at the wide range of different types of curtains poles available in the market today.

Options When Going For Brass Curtain Poles

There are many choices in terms styles, designs, colors and materials that it is almost a certainty that there is a curtain pole or curtain rail that will meet your requirements. In rods you have the corded and the uncorded options. Choose corded poles if you don’t want to spoil your delicate curtains by frequent handling. But these rods are a little heavier so the brackets and other accessories to hold up the rods should be accordingly chosen. In rails too you have corded and uncorded options.

For the corded brass curtain poles you can have the electrically operated curtain rods. These make the job of moving the curtains that much easier. Heavier curtains and drapery materials are more difficult to open and close. Electrically operated rods help make this job easier.

Some of these electrically operated curtains can be set to open and close at certain times of the day or night. This can be set even when you are out of turn creating the illusion of you being at home and deterring burglars.

Depending on the type of window treatment you need to pick a suitable brass curtain rod. There are double curtain rods, eyelet curtain rods and so on. There are several stores that specialize in poles, rods and tracks for curtains. Poles Direct, Just Poles, Tracks Direct, The Poles Company are a just of few of several selling curtain related stuff online.

These stores sell branded products like Sunflex, Integra, Swish, Speedy and several international and national brands. You will also find superb brass curtain poles in home and lifestyle stores like Home Depot and John Lewis.

There are several sizes in curtain poles. Depending on the weight and size of your curtains choose rods of suitable gage. Thicker and heavier rods are best for heavier curtains and drapes. Otherwise your rods will bend and your curtains will sag. Choose suitably strong metals like wrought iron for heavy curtains.

Most stores will advise you about the size and metals to choose for your requirements. The available sizes in brass curtain poles include 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 38 mm and soon

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Drapery Rods And Hardware – Installing Curtain Rods Is Easy

Drapery rods and hardware to install them are essential if you are considering window treatments for your home which involve curtains, drapes or blinds. Looking for just curtain rods will not do. You also need to buy the related accessories associated with it. Else, installing it is not possible. You need rings, finials and brackets. Otherwise your pole won’t have a neat and matched look. You can buy them as a set; many stores sell them as kits which can be assembled at home.

If you are a do-it-yourself guy and want to order just the drapery rods and hardware and design the rest of the stuff yourself then it is understandable. You can make your own finials which will be unique and something to be proud about as you would have designed it yourself. You can use a number of different materials to create your finials that will go with the curtain rods that you have ordered from the store.

Just Poles is a UK based company that offers a wide range of curtain poles, curtain tracks, draper rods and hardware to go with it. They offer premium quality curtain poles from several designer and branded companies. These include Alison Davies, Swish, Sun flex, Hollis Hudson to name a few.

They offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to go with any home decor. Apart from curtain poles they offer other services too which are needed to fix up the poles. They have been in the business of curtain poles for a long time and know how to deal with any problem related to this. You can call them up if you need any help or assistance in fixing your curtain poles.

Measuring For Drapery Poles And Hardware

When measuring for the poles make sure you follow the industry and specific store’s standards as it is likely that different companies have different methodology of measuring for these poles.

Some may take into consideration the end brackets others the finials, so make sure you do this right. There is nothing more disappointing than having worked hard to finish creating your curtain pole and finding it too small or too long. But don’t despair as long rods can be cut without causing too much damage.

There are other companies similar to these which sell all types of curtains rods online. Most websites that sell curtain rods and accessories for all types of windows including bay windows will have section of how to measure your windows before ordering the product.

Follow the guide and take the exact measurements. It is not easy to correct it once you place the order. If you are not sure then talk to a service representative to get clarifications. Use the same measurement units as mentioned on the website. This way there is not much confusion or room for error.Order your drapery rods and hardware taking care that you all follow all instructions carefully and you should be okay.

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Curtain Poles For Bay Windows – For Attractive Window Treatments

Curtain poles for bay windows have made things easy as far window treatments for bay windows are concerned. They help in dressing up your bay window with beautiful curtains, drapery or blinds. There is no need to use flexible cords or tracks as modern bay window curtain poles can be bent and conform to the shape of the windows.

Bay windows are those special nooks or center pieces of homes where people can relax with a book or listen to music while enjoying the views of the outside world. Bay windows have wider views because of the way they are set to project outside the rooms.

They are shaped in a variety of ways like octagonal or rectangular or curved. The alcove created inside can be used as an extended seating space or as nook to escape into your own private world. Bay windows have been around for a long time and different types of window dressings like curtains, drapes and blinds have been used to make it more private or enclose it.

Choosing Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Depending on the purpose you need to decide on the type of curtains poles for bay windows you want to buy. Some homes might want to curtain off the corner where the bay window is located. This way an enclosed space is created which is essentially separated from the rest of the room.

In such a case a straight pole is used. In addition if you want to make the whole area very cozy and private curtains along the bay window are also put-up. For this you need curtain poles for bay windows as these will conform to the shape of the bay.

Curtain poles for bay windows are available in a variety of styles and designs. Brass, wrought iron, chrome is the usual materials used in making curtain poles. Wood is also used but for bay windows this is not an option. You should be able to find one that matches your room decor.

If you want to order something special you can always place an order and if it is possible the manufacturer will make it for you. Even otherwise new products are always coming into the market and you should be able to get something you want if you have the patience to wait a few weeks.

Curtain Poles for Bay Window – Right Measurements

Make sure that you get the measurements right when ordering your curtain poles. Check out the store guides on this and use a metal measuring tape to get the correct measurements. If in doubt get a store assistant to help you. Measuring bay window curtain poles is no rocket science and you should be able to do this without any difficulty. Even otherwise with store assistants willing to help it can be accomplished without too much trouble.

Most stores supply all you need to set the curtain poles. In case you need some extra brackets or some other accessories you can always from a local hardware store. Setting up the curtain poles for bay windows is not tough at all and can be done in less than half hour.

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Just Poles – The Widest Choice of Bay Window Curtain Poles For Your Home?

Just Poles is one of the first names that pops up when researching about how to decorate your interiors with bay window curtain poles. Offering a wide range of products that fit most styles and decors, this UK based company has a host of different items that help decorate almost any household and to match the most discerning tastes.

Curtain Poles – A Wide Range

Curtain poles for bay windows come in different shapes and sizes, in a range of different materials. The two major categories are wooden and metal curtain poles, each of which come in various colors to match the room in which you will be installing them.

The metal poles are made of wrought iron, brass and chrome as well as nickel. Most retailers list products from various manufacturers so that a customer can be sure of finding something they like and want. The inventory is also frequently refreshed with newer models and designs being added frequently. Chances are if you don’t find what you like, you’ll find it when you come back to the store a few weeks or months later.

Wooden curtain poles come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs as well. Made of various kinds of wood like mahogany, pine, oak, teak and walnut, these poles can be suitably modified for any household by painting them different colors.

Buyers have a choice between picking up a readymade design that’s available in the store, or ordering a custom modification that will be requested from a manufacturer if possible. The important thing is that you have a very good chance of finding the right kind of curtain pole that matches the style and home decor you need.

Measurement For Just Poles

Most retailers offer buyer friendly features that help you make a buying decision quickly and easily. A simple measuring guide helps you take the correct measurements of your bay windows so that you won’t make any mistake in picking poles of the right size and shape.

In case you need more help, there are trained experts waiting to guide you about technical issues, both over the phone and in person at the store. You will often be able to manage on your own, but it’s always comforting to know that help and assistance are available when required.

Value Added Services

Not only do retailers like Just Poles sell curtain rods for bay windows, they also deliver more value to buyers. You will be given free sample rings on request, and bending services are available if required as are bespoke painting services. When you combine this with excellent service provided on customer enquiries over the Internet, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home, you’ll agree that buying curtain poles has become a simple, convenient and even pleasurable activity these days.

No matter where in the world you live, or what kind of room you are decorating, or what specific form and style of curtain poles you are looking for, the online curtain poles business has made it possible to find your perfect solution. Today, not just poles, but all window decorations can be ordered from the widest range of choices. Enjoy shopping for your home interior design needs.

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Why Choose A Bay Windows Curtain Pole?

Bay windows curtain poles are great option for hanging curtains for this difficult area. Bay windows are usually designed with a lot of angles and bends.

To get the exact bends in curtain poles was difficult earlier but with curtain rails this difficulty can be overcome. These rails can be easily bent to the required angles. These were traditionally used with pelmet or valances. But the newer designs are meant to be seen as they have been designed with highest degree of care to keep the aesthetics in mind while also keeping it functional.

You can choose between non-corded or corded curtain rails. There are electrically operated curtain poles and rails that can moved around with the touch of a button. These electric systems are used for heavy or large curtains that take a lot of effort to move. It is also suitable when the curtains run along the whole length of a long room.

Measurements for a Bay Windows Curtain Pole

Every store has a guide to measuring for curtain poles and rails. While most follow international or country-wide standards, it is still advisable to look into their website to check if they have measuring guides. If they do have, then check it out to see if you measured you windows according to the standards mentioned on the site.

To be doubly sure ask a store representative for directions. Sometimes, the website may have been designed by a third party who knows little about fitting a bay window curtain pole and they might have put up the measuring guides taken from international standards which may not match with what a particular company or store follows. These are rare instances but it is known to happen.

To be on safe side double check and get the measurements done accordingly.

Another crucial point to note how do you want your curtains to hang?

Will it be conforming to the shape of the window and follow every bend (of say a 5 sided bay window) or hang in a general curve along the bends. This will determine how you will measure for your bay windows curtain pole and rails.

Do follow all the directions while measuring for curtains rails for your bay windows. Make sure you mention whether you measurements include the finials or not, how many curtains you want to hang, will the curtains go beyond the bend of the bay window and continue further, do you want to let the curtains hang to one side or both sides, do you want corded rails and do you need electrically operated ones.

There are beautiful decorative curtain rods also available bent to the required shape for bay windows. So, you are not really restricted to buying only rails or tracks. Measurements for the rods might be slightly different. So, confirm that too.

All this information is essential to custom make a bay window curtains pole and tracks for your home. Making any mistake will mean incorrect sized rails which unfortunately most companies will not be able to replace unless the mistake in on their part.

So, use a metal measuring scale and follow the instructions carefully when ordering bay windows curtain pole with rails.