Selecting Brass Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Brass curtains poles are a very popular choice for all types of windows including bay windows. To hang the curtains without sagging or bunching together curtain poles are used.

Curtain poles are available in wide range of metals and metallic finishes. Brass, chrome, wrought iron are the usual metals used for making curtain poles. They come in a wide variety of metallic finishes like gold, silver, steel and different metallic colors to match the decor of the home.

When you go shopping looking for something specific like brass curtain poles you might end up closing your eyes to some truly spectacular options like poles in other metals, finishes or colors. It is fine to be specific if you have made up your mind after looking at other choices but if you are starting out looking for curtain poles for your home then do take a look at the wide range of different types of curtains poles available in the market today.

Options When Going For Brass Curtain Poles

There are many choices in terms styles, designs, colors and materials that it is almost a certainty that there is a curtain pole or curtain rail that will meet your requirements. In rods you have the corded and the uncorded options. Choose corded poles if you don’t want to spoil your delicate curtains by frequent handling. But these rods are a little heavier so the brackets and other accessories to hold up the rods should be accordingly chosen. In rails too you have corded and uncorded options.

For the corded brass curtain poles you can have the electrically operated curtain rods. These make the job of moving the curtains that much easier. Heavier curtains and drapery materials are more difficult to open and close. Electrically operated rods help make this job easier.

Some of these electrically operated curtains can be set to open and close at certain times of the day or night. This can be set even when you are out of turn creating the illusion of you being at home and deterring burglars.

Depending on the type of window treatment you need to pick a suitable brass curtain rod. There are double curtain rods, eyelet curtain rods and so on. There are several stores that specialize in poles, rods and tracks for curtains. Poles Direct, Just Poles, Tracks Direct, The Poles Company are a just of few of several selling curtain related stuff online.

These stores sell branded products like Sunflex, Integra, Swish, Speedy and several international and national brands. You will also find superb brass curtain poles in home and lifestyle stores like Home Depot and John Lewis.

There are several sizes in curtain poles. Depending on the weight and size of your curtains choose rods of suitable gage. Thicker and heavier rods are best for heavier curtains and drapes. Otherwise your rods will bend and your curtains will sag. Choose suitably strong metals like wrought iron for heavy curtains.

Most stores will advise you about the size and metals to choose for your requirements. The available sizes in brass curtain poles include 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 38 mm and soon

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