Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you’re looking to install standing seam metal roofing, want to know how much it’ll cost, researching ideas or seeking advice about it, you’re at the right place. This report will go deep into every aspect of standing seam metal roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation In 6 Easy Steps

Standing seam metal roof installation is not at all difficult if you are handy with tools and know how to follow instructions. Most metal roof manufacturers usually supply all the required panels, ridges, caps, fasteners, clips and underlying sheets for the complete installation of the roof.

The standing seam metal roof manual usually provided by the manufacturer comes with all the required instructions for putting up the roof.

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Standing seam metal roof installation: Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Apply roofing paper to all parts of the roof including the roof valley where two sections of the roof meet at an angle. For home metal roof installation a underlayment of smooth synthetic material is critical as it keeps the structure dry not only during installation but after so, the metal roof substrate does not get saturated with moisture. This gives extra layer of protection too.
  2. Place the pre-formed ridge cap over the roof’s peak and secure it properly. Every standing metal roof panel will be attached to this ridge. So make the cap as secure as possible.
  3. Place each vertical section of seam metal roof from the peak to the eaves. Tuck it neatly under the ridge vent. Secure the panels to underlying sheathing using fasteners and clips. Each subsequent panel will cover the fastenings and clips of the previous panel. The fastening and clips are color coordinated with the color of the panels. A washer under the fastener prevents water from seeping through the fastening.
  4. Using a crimping tool the raised edges of the metal panel are crimped together to give the standing seam appearance. This also provides a water tight seal to the finished roof.
  5. A cap is usually placed over the finished crimp.
  6. The metal surface can be painted in any shade required. This completes the standing seam metal roof installation process.

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There are several advantages to standing seam metal roof installation.

Metal roofs are light and portable. They last from 50-100 years. On average a metal roof lasts much longer than asphalt roof whose life is about 15-20 years.

Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel are the metal used to make these metal roofs. When coated with Zinc and aluminum alloy the metal roofs get a protective layer that also strengthens it. Oxidation of the metals not only protect it but also give it added strength.

Metal roofs are recyclable and can be reused again and again with no loss of their inherent properties. Standing seam metal roof installation are fire, hail and wind resistant. They are great as snow does not stick to metal roofs for long. As soon as temperature rises a little the snow slides off the panels. Coated with special paints the metal roofs can be highly energy efficient.

Standing seam metal roof installation needs a couple of roof experts for proper laying.

Once installed, however, it does not need any maintenance. However, there are few standing seam metal roof problems that need to be addressed.

  • While laying roofs provision has to be made for thermal expansion and contraction and also movement of the sheets.
  • Incompatible materials should be avoided as this can cause rapid corrosion of metal roof.

Apart from this there are no major problems with metal as a material of choice for roofs.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost: Estimate of Roofing Costs

Standing seam metal roof cost depends on many factors each of which will make an direct or indirect impact on the final price of your roofing. Two major factors that make the biggest difference to standing seam metal roof price are the material costs and cost of labor.

Material Cost

Metal roofing is a lot more expensive when compared to asphalt roofing shingles. But, when you consider the fact that asphalt shingles roof need replacement every 15 years or so, the costs will add up.

Metal roofs are a long lasting solution often lasting for more than 50 years. Some of the copper roofing shingles are known to last for 150 years. Multiply the cost of laying asphalt shingles by three times to get the equivalent standing seam metal roof cost.

Metal roofing shingles or standing seam metal roof panels last for a long time without much maintenance. Metal roofs especially copper is beautiful even when it ages. It acquires a green patina which is elegant and gives an old world charm to the home.

(In 2011, the cost of metal roofing is around one dollar per square foot. As oil prices continue to climb the asphalt shingles prices have also been rising and it is now close to metal roofing panels price)

Labor Cost

When considering the standing seam metal roof cost remember that you pay for the cost of laying the metal shingles or metal panels only once. But for asphalt and other shingles you will pay nearly 3 times during the same period.

Labor costs go up every year and so you will be paying more every time you relay your roof. This needs to be factored into your standing roof cost estimates. The cost depends on the complexity of laying the metal panels.

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Some types of metal roofing require more work than others and this will naturally cost more. For example some metal seams require the metal seaming to be done onsite others needs the careful interlocking of two panels for proper alignment.

Laying roofs in order to perfectly align all the metal panels and making it weather tight is very important. Roofing specialists with who have gained expertise through years of exposure to the field will make sure that your roof does not spring a leak after two years of laying it.

They would take into consideration any expansions and contractions due to the weather and factor in other problems that might crop over the life-time of the roofing and make suitable arrangements so your roof remains weather tight for its life-time. As a homeowner you should be willing to pay for the expertise of the roofing contractors who makes sure that not only your standing seam metal roof cost pays for itself but also ensures that it remains trouble free for its entire life time.

How To Reduce Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost?

The cost of installing a standing seam metal roof is going to be high, whichever way you look at it.

There are a few ways you can get rebate on the metal roof cost. When new stocks come in, the old inventory is cleared out at discount prices on their previous years’ stock in order to make space for the new arrivals.

A problem here is that you might not be able to get panels for your entire roof because of the limited availability of stock. Also, some standing seam metal roof colors which are not popular don’t sell briskly, and dealers desperate to clear warehouse space might offer a discount on the panels if you are lucky.  If you are making a bulk purchase some dealers will offer extra special deals and discounted prices or free delivery.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors  – Choose From Vibrant Hues To Muted Shades

Standing seam metal roof colors are available in range of shades that will add vibrancy and life to your home and its surroundings. Choose from vibrant reds, cool blues and pleasing greens. Whites, blacks, charcoal grey and several other shades in between are available for the different standing seam metal roof styles.

Forget the past when people had to be content with one dull shade for their metal roofs. Look around you as more choices become available people are becoming more adventurous and choosing bold and striking shades that catches the eye.

Beautiful standing seam metal roof colors bring out the charm of any type of home whether it’s modern or an old colonial home.

  • A bold red roof catches people’s attention even as they approach your home.
  • A dark blue shade set’s your home apart as a stately and sedate place.
  • Muted greens reflect the nature around you.
  • Whites reflect light and keep the home cool.
  • Standing seam metal roof black and greys give off the old world charm.

You can choose painted metal roofs in striking color or choose to go with bare metals themselves. Either way, standing seams enhances the line of the roof and enhances the shadow lines that run from the top of the roof to its edge in a sloping roof. It dramatically brings to attention the slope and plane of the roofing angle.

You can choose from the color palette available with every maker of the metal roofs. The standing seam metal roof cost will be more for the painted metal panels than bare metals.

Color is not a big determining factor in metal roof costs, which will vary depending on factors like the metal used,  the area to be roofed, labor costs, transportation of roofing material, and the standing seam metal roof style chosen.

Metal roofs are versatile and can be used for residences, industrial units and businesses. The same metal sheets can also be used for sides of a building or shed. Choose two different standing seam metal roof colors to create contrasting effect. And try the same with styles. Two different standing seam metal roof styles will also create a nice effect.

When two different materials are used for metal roofing, take care that they are compatible. Metals are prone to corrosion when in contact with certain other metals. This should be avoided at all costs. Experienced roof layers and roofing contractors will be usually aware of such factors and will surely warn you if you buy incompatible materials.

In the same way, roofing contractors will know to make provision for expansion of metal during summer and contraction during winter. There should be sufficient overlay to prevent leakages due to this contraction and expansion. If your area is prone to wet weather and resultant growth of moss, choose standing seam metal roof colors that mask this. Or consult with experts on ways to prevent this from happening.

There are plenty of choices as far as standing seam metal roof colors are concerned. What you choose depends on your tastes and your home’s overall look and feel. But, you need to aware that you are no longer restricted to choosing from 2 or 3 colors when there is wide palette to choose from.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Shingles Colors

Are standing seam metal roof shingles always in the same drab and dull colors?

Frankly, I’m not surprised at the question – because the impression one gets is that metal roofing must be, well, metallic. But the reality is refreshingly vibrant.

The standing seam metal roof is a commonly used roofing system for residential homes, commercial establishments and in industrial units. The name of roofing originates in the seam that forms when the sheet metal panels are laid side by side. The panels are then joined together at the seam by different methods.

Methods of Fastening In Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roofing and Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Some use concealed fasteners, others use metal clamps that go over the seam, snap on systems, lock and seam systems and so on.

Field Locking System

When laying the metal panels, a special locking tool is used to join the panels by forming a seam in the field. This is a commonly used fastening method in metal roofs.

Snap Lock

In the snap lock system, when the adjoining metal panels are placed side by side, one panel snaps onto the next locking it into place over the fasteners and clips. This way the fastenings and clips are hidden from view.

Postive Locking Seam

With the positive locking system of the panels there are no extra caps, strips or clips to install. One panel is hooked on to the next and joined by metal fasteners that go through pre-punched holes. The panels go over the fasteners concealing them.

Continuous Standing Seam

The lock and seam are integral part of the panels and no extra caps are needed. The standing seam metal roof panels can be prefabricated and shipped or bent on site or at sheet metal fabrication shops.

Pitch Requirement For Metal Roofs With Continuous Standing Seam

The standing seam metal roofs are usually used for sloping roofs where a pitch is evident. Metal roofs can be installed even for small pitch difference. These metals roofs have been installed for a pitch of 2:12. So it is not at all tough to have metal roofs for even small sloping roofs.

Metals Used In Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Are you curious about which metals are used for roofing?

Copper, Zinc, Galvanized steel, Galvalume, and Aluminum are the usual metals used in roofing. Copper metal roofs last several decades for upto 150 years. In the first few decades after they are laid the metal roof goes from bright copper color to dull copper green to complete green.

It acquires a patina due to exposure to the elements. This lovely green color gives the home a nice aged look and is unique to copper. Standing seam metal roof lasts for a long time. Sloping roofs shed ice and snow fast. This keeps the roof light and well ventilated.

There isn’t much of a problem with snow or ice buildup on the roof, like is often seen with other types of roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are both modern and versatile, offering homeowners a fabulous choice in roofs when building stylish homes.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing : Colors Choice

The standing seam metal roofs are available in range of colors. Each company selling these roofing materials has its own color palette to choose from. Apart from guarantees for the roof panels and water tightness of the roof, most companies also offer standard guarantees for the roofing colors too.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Standing seam metal roof prices may seem initially high say, when compared to asphalt roofing shingles. But the life span of the asphalt shingles is 15-30 years. At the end of this period they need replacement.

On the other hand metal roofs last typically for 50 years or more. Copper roofs can last upto 150 years. So, even if the initial costs are high as a standing seam metal roof last longer they save you money in the long term.

Before making any major decisions about standing seam metal roofing, you would be wise to consult an expert. We have recommended specialists who will happily give you a free quote or answer your questions about roofing. Feel free to fill in the contact form and ask for a quote from roofing contractors.