Metal Roofing And Metal Roofing Manufacturers

A look behind the scenes of what’s good – and what’s not – about metal roofing and metal roofing manufacturers. This report includes information about metal roof cost, steel roofing, metal roof installation and more.

Metal roofing has become very popular in recent times. There are good reasons for this, which we will explore in this article. But still many home owners don’t understand enough about metal roofing price, metal shingles and metal roofing installation to be able to make reasoned choices.

Metal roofing has advantages over many other conventional forms of roofing, especially by way of being durable, with extended longevity. It is also more economical to install metal roofing, and the protective effect on your building is good.

Metal roofing price has always been a bugbear for both contractors and home owners alike.

While it is true that the initial installation of metal roofing may cost more, it will end up cheaper than asphalt shingles roofing over the long term. Also, the light weight and ease of installation are reasons why metal shingles and standing seam metal roofing are gaining popularity lately.

Typically metal roofing will be more durable and last longer than other forms of roofing. Twenty years is a reasonable estimate for how long you can go without needing expensive repairs or even a complete overhaul. Not only does this save you money, but the presence of a metal roof may boost the value of your property as well.

What’s more, metal roofing may even lower homeowner’s insurance premiums – a point that’s well highlighted in the brochures of metal roofing manufacturers.

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When it comes to design and style, metal roofing and shingles are versatile. Metal roofing colors match the exterior of your building and will match any style or architecture.

Corrugated metal roofing is especially sturdy and can withstand heat and cold alike. Little or no maintenance is required, with the metal roofing being resistant to fungus, mildew or insects. Also, it hardly ever degenerates the way asphalt shingle roofing will, and so you won’t need any repairs done for quite a long time.

There are some bizarre myths and untruths surrounding metal roofing which had led to their delayed adoption for many years. One of them is that the metal attracts lightning. Reality is that metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other kind of roofing.

Also, as metal will conduct electricity, and is non-flammable, even in the event of a lightning strike, most of the energy will be conducted through it to the earth, making metal roofing safer in the case of lightning or fire.

One more fear is that exposure to water, snow and moisture will lead to rusting. Most metal roofing manufacturers take care to coat the metal shingles in a way that they don’t rust. This is how metal roofs can stand up to harsh weather and elements for many long years.

In many ways, metal roofing is a fantastic investment in your home. When measured over the lifetime of your building, metal roofing may well turn out far more economical than any other alternative, not to mention the aesthetics and energy efficiency will save you a small fortune in the same period.

Metal Roof – Why You Need One

Metal Roofing Manufacturer

Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider getting a metal roof.

Now, I could give you 20. Or even 50. But most of those reasons would be too similar to each other, or confuse you more than help. So I chose to distill down the benefits of metal roofs to the most popular reasons after checking on dozens of home owners who have installed metal roofs.

Here is the short list of 4 good reasons you should consider a metal roof.

1. Investment – Your metal roof is like buying a blue chip stock. You pay a little more for it upfront, but it returns more on your investment. A metal roof can be recycled, used in rehabilitation or remodelling, and enhances the resale value of your home.

2. Longevity – Where other roof materials last 15 to 20 years, metal roofs last 30 to 50 years or longer. This makes a metal roof the longest lasting and most durable of all roofing alternatives.

3. Beauty – Metal roofs come in so many different patterns, colors and designs that they’ll match just about any home or building nicely. You won’t sacrifice appearance or beauty for durability with a metal roof.

4. Energy Efficiency – Metal roofs save heating and cooling costs for your home by retaining heat in winter and reflecting it away during summer. The cost savings and environment friendly nature of metal roofs makes it an attractive option for many home owners.

There’s one more important reason to pick a metal roof over others – and a few myths to bust about a metal roof… and you can read more about them in this article that explains why a metal roof is your smartest home building choice.

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An Overview of Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems are the subject of many frequent questions from home owners looking to choose a roof for their residence. This is more so in areas where metal roofing isn’t very common and where people consider traditional asphalt shingle roofing more durable and sturdy than metal roofing systems.

This limited exposure to metal roofs leads to some mistaken perceptions such as the belief that standing seam roofs are the best metal roofs in existence. But that simply is not true. Every kind of roofing system has some drawbacks and limitations.

How To Compare Metal Roofing Systems?

There are many different kinds of metal roofing systems. Each has unique advantages and drawbacks. Many are better alternatives than standing seam roofs. And to compare them against each other in order to make an informed decision, you’ll have to consider issues like system design, quality of the roofing material, installation ease and cost of the roof. Generally, the easier a roof is to install, the cheaper it will be.

Steel Roofing and Aluminum Shingles

Interlocking metal shingles have locks on all sides that hold the shingles in place. They prevent water or ice from seeping through, and the roofing contractor will install them using nails or clips to hold the shingles tightly to the deck. This form is versatile and can adjust to any kind of roof. Steel and aluminum shingles can be fitted onto valleys, sides and end walls, while fitting them around skylights and chimneys is easy too.

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Standing Seam Roofing

There are benefits and drawbacks to using standing seam metal roofing. The biggest advantage is that they are extremely durable and will stay for decades. The level of protection afforded to your home is great, and these roofs can tolerate extremes of weather and temperature. The more sturdy forms that allow walking on them are slightly costlier.

The downside to standing seam metal roofs is that the cost escalates for more complicated installations and for steep roofs. Moving around while installing these roofs is difficult and dangerous. Special kinds of ladders and equipment is required for installing these roofs.

The design of standing seam roofs is also flawed. Ribs on the panels make them even harder to install. With specific kinds of roofs such as ones needing flashing, this can become an intricate and complex procedure, which naturally increases the cost involved. That’s why, even if standing seam roofs are a good choice for ‘simple’ roofing projects, they can be a nightmare for more complex roofing needs.

Corrugated Steel Roofing

Metal roofing systems that are based on corrugated steel are another option. Fasteners are exposed, and the material is cheap (usually 29 GA) and can be painted using acrylic colors. They rust easily and have limited durability and also are more prone to leaks. This makes them unsuitable as metal roofing systems of choice, especially when compared to more efficient systems like standing seam and metal shingle roofing.

In the final analysis, even if standing seam roofs look very attractive and aesthetically appealing, your best choice for a metal roofing system will be the interlocking metal shingles made of steel or aluminum. They will give you the same level of protection and durability at less than one-half the price of a standing seam metal roof. Your roofing contractor will also be happier at installing the simpler metal roofing system.

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Metal Roofing Systems – FAQ On Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing and Metal Roofing Manufacturers FAQ

When it comes to metal roofing systems have lots of queries. Traditionally metal roofs have been used in commercial establishments and businesses. Most homes used metal to mainly cover sheds and barns.

Over the last few decades with the development of beautiful roofing options in metal, many homeowners have been exploring options to buy metal roofing for their homes. Metals are long-lasting, maintenance free and are easy to install. So, the interest is natural. Here are answers by experts to questions posed by interested homeowners.

1. Will metal roofing systems be stuck by lightning in a thunder storm?

Metal is a good conductor of electricity. But, that does not mean it attracts lightning during a storm. In a thunder storm the lightning will strike the tallest structure in the area regardless of the material it is made of. The metal roofing system does not by itself have any additional risk when lightning strikes. So, you can opt for metal roofs with no fear about this aspect.

2. When it rains, will it be very noisy if we have metal roofs?

No, metal roofing systems are now designed to with deep folds and other design elements to prevent the loud pinging sound that is heard when rain hits flat metal sheets. Also, the layer of felt, underlying materials, the attic airspace and air vents for ventilation also play an important role in dissipating the noise.

So, inside your home you will hear just about the same amount of sound as in any other type of roofing. If you feel that metal roofs might make more noise, you can always add a layer of foam inserts behind the metal shingles to cut out the sound.

3. What about hail and wind?

These roofs are designed to withstand all kinds of assaults from nature. Wind resistance and impact resistance are important aspects that have been successfully dealt with by the makers of metal roofing systems. They have added extra strength and protection against all kinds of natural disasters.

The finish of the roofing is also covered under warranties. So, if your metal roof finish gets damaged just get the company to replace the damaged shingles. Actually, because of the higher impact resistance rating of many metal roofs, you will need to pay lesser for your homeowner’s insurance policy. Unlike other type of roofing systems, metal does not get damaged as the years go by.

4. Does fire cause problems with metal roofs?

A metal roofing system is safe in case of fire as it non-combustible. Even if there is a fire inside the home the roof being extremely lightweight does not cave in. Metals have high fire resistance standards.

5. Does metal roofing support walking?

Yes, metal roofs are strong enough to support people walking to repair or replace shingles and for cleaning gutters and drain pipes. It is also safe to walk on metal roofing systems several years after they have been laid.

However, you need to follow instructions laid out in the manual about how to walk safely on metal roofs without damaging them. If you fear that there will heavy foot traffic on the metal roof in certain areas then you can opt to lay some foam inserts to protect the metal shingles from damage.

6. Are metal roofing systems more expensive compared to other roofing materials?

Yes, metal roofing systems are lot more expensive than say, asphalt shingles. But, they have a longer life of 30 years or more. This makes them a very attractive as a long term investment. If you are planning on living in the same home for long period of time, then this roof is surely the best option to go for.

7. How long do metal roofs last?

Metal roofs can last a long time. Copper shingles are known to last for even 100 years. But, most homeowners are looking for around 30 years or more and metal roofing systems will last a long time beyond that.

8. Are metal roofing systems environmentally-friendly?

Also, metal roofs are environmentally better as they are 100 percent recyclable. Another advantage is there is no dangerous roofing materials like asphalt to be sent to the landfills. As it has long life it is environmentally sustainable.

Also, because the roof can be installed over existing roof there is no need to dispose of the older roofing materials. Other roofing materials like asphalt are using up precious natural resources in their manufacture and as their life-span is short they have to be frequently replaced and the old materials sent to landfills polluting the earth.

9. Which metal roofing system is best for my needs?

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of choices. The recent technologies make shingles look like wood and other classic tile patterns. They are available in shingles form or in panels. Standing seam metal roofs are another option.

The choice of metals is also varied. Cooper, Aluminum, Zinc, steel and other alloys are some of metal widely used in roofing. Depending on where you live and the local weather conditions suitable metal roofs have to be decided on.

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Why Is Metal Roofing So Popular With Home Owners & Roofing Contractors Alike?

Metal roofing is very popular for a good reason.

Some home owners still ignore the benefits of metal roofing, but that’s often due to a lack of enough information. Let’s discuss important issues like metal roof price and metal shingles and then the nuances to metal roofing installation in this article.

Metal roofing carries some significant advantages over other forms of roofing material.

The installation expenses of metal roofing are higher than other kinds. But overall, this can be a more economical roofing solution because of the durability and increased longevity that minimizes the cost of renovation and repair over the coming decades.

The higher expense of installing metal roofing has always been a contentious issue between roofing contractors and owners.

At first glance, the higher cost of metal roofs and metal shingles turns home owners away from the material towards asphalt roofing or other alternatives. A good contractor will always explain how the use of metal for roofs will end up costing less over time, and stress on the other advantages of metal roofing like the lighter weight and how simple installation will be.

In fact, the latter is the primary reason why standing seam metal roofing is so popular today.

Metal roof shingles are more durable and last longer than asphalt roofing shingles or any other kind of roof material. Twenty years is the bare minimum for which you can expect a metal roof to be trouble-free, with more typical lifespans ranging from 30 to 50 years.

This means you not only save money from costly repairs but are also not hassled by the need to constantly inspect and monitor the performance of your roof regularly.

As a direct consequence of this longevity, many home insurance companies will offer you a lesser premium on the same level of cover because the chance of your metal roof initiating a repair or maintenance claim is so low.

And that’s not all. The addition of a metal roof actually increases the valuation of your property which means you are more likely to get a good price if you ever decide to sell your property later on.

As far as style or design and aesthetics go, metal roofing shingles offer many diverse options and choices.

  • Metal roofing colors can be chosen to match the exterior of your home.
  • You can find metal shingles in any texture or design that complements the overall architecture of your building.
  • It’s also nice that metal roofing for your home has little if any maintenance work involved.

Corrugated metal roofing is very strong and can withstand extremes of weather and hold up to even heavy loads like snowfall in cold climates. The roof is also resistant to mildew and fungi, and insects cannot make a dent in them easily. Metal roofing does not degenerate the way asphalt shingle roofing will over time.

Despite all these advantages, there are still some misconceptions among home owners that makes them shy away from metal roofing. Some believe that a metal roof will attract lightning.  But as we’ve already seen, metal roofing is actually safer than others.

Metal roofing thus has many advantages for home owners making it not at all surprising that so many are making it their first choice. What you save on repair and renovation offset the higher installation expenses, making it a great option for any kind of roof.

Metal Roofing Manufacturers

How To Find The Best & Get Great Deals?

Metal Roofing and Metal Roofing Manufacturers


Metal roofing manufacturers are plentiful – but you still have to look around for a good one. Roofing actually completes the structure. It is an indispensably important part of your home, safeguarding security of the residents and their belongings and possessions.

Your house will endure months of rough weather and harsh environmental conditions over time and still stay strong, protecting all inside it. Strong roofing will ensure this durability and safety.

Metal roofing contractors will install metal roofing in the best possible ways.

Metal roofing manufacturers are expected to have the best of knowledge about how to produce the material to help them get it done. There’s much variation in the ways metal roofing installation can be carried out. It’s a job that requires skill and efficiency.

Metal roofing manufacturers might suggest many options and offer a range of choices for a customer’s benefit. You can pick from several metal roofing material in colors that match the outside of your house. The material you select for roofing also defines how much heat it radiates, which will help keep the house cooler in summer but also increase your heating expenses in colder seasons.

Metal roofing contractors will help manage most of these choices for you, and can guide you to making correct decisions about paint, material and roof colors for your unique situation. All things considered carefully can make for a successful metal roofing installation that stays within your budget.

It is the job of the roofing manufacturers to ensure an enhanced durability that boosts the value of your house. Higher quality metal roof manufacturers offer longer warranties because they are willing to stand by their product. Low maintenance is always desirable. At the same time, metal roofing should serve its purpose well.

The elements used to manufacture roofing materials should also be environment friendly and not include harmful chemicals. Trusted and reliable brands of metal roofing manufacturers will take care of that.

How Well Do Metal Roofing Manufacturers Serve You?

Any report about metal roofing manufacturers must address one important point from the perspective of the home owner.

  • Are they serving you well?
  • Guiding you in the right direction?
  • Offering information and assistance to help you build your home?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of metal roofing, and analyze how well metal roofing manufacturers are addressing their customers’ needs. That way we’ll be able to tell if their offerings are delivering the highest value for home owners.

Metal roofing has grown explosively in popularity, with many homes across the country sporting metal roofs. That’s no surprise, as metal roofing is sustainable, long lasting as well as energy efficient. This provides comfort, security and cost savings to the owner.

Metal roofing is durable and lasts for a long while. It provides value by way of cost savings for the entire duration of its existence. In this way, metal roofing manufacturers are adding to the environment friendly nature of the industry and keeping the planet clean, safe and green.

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Roofs

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Roof

Of the many new constructions cropping up across the US, many have metal roofing systems. That’s because metal roofing manufacturers have been aggressively marketing the many benefits of metal over other kinds of roofs. Top on this list are longevity and energy efficiency.

Asphalt roofs, which are the most popular option, become heated up in summer and transmit a large part of the radiation into the building. Metal roofs do not let heat through, reflecting most of it back into the atmosphere. As a result, the building does not need much cooling, saving costs on air conditioning. Buildings with metal roofing will save a lot of money on this.

When properly planned and designed, a roof installed using good materials from quality metal roofing manufacturers can save home owners from 25% to 40% on the money spent in cooling the building alone. That’s significant.

Another point that metal roofing manufacturers highlight is that roofs made of metal last much longer than any other kind. Asphalt shingle roofs typically have a lifespan of 15 to 17 years, after which they’ll need replacing. Metal roofs comfortably last for 50 years or longer. All through this time, they offer significant benefits and cost savings through cooling costs being less and maintenance costs being almost zero.

For a more detailed analysis of the benefits stated by metal roofing manufacturers, be sure to read this short report and ask for a quote regarding anything you need more information about regarding metal roofing and metal roofing manufacturers.

You have absolutely no obligation, and it is 100% free. So take advantage and get your preparatory research done by expert advisors.